Ukrainian MP Valeriy Davydenko was shot dead: Who is he?

Agro-baron and figurant of corruption scandals Valeriy Davydenko was found dead in the toilet of his own office

The body of Ukrainian MP Valeriy Davydenko with found dead in the toilet of his own office in Kyiv. He was shot in the head. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko reported this.

It is unlikely that wide circles in Ukraine are familiar with Valeriy Davydenko, although he is a rather well-known figure in business circles, and during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych he was a Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy. And subsequently, because of this, he was at the epicenter of the scandal involving the theft of funds from a Chinese loan in State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine. proposes you to get acquainted with Davydenko’s biography.

From migrant worker to agro-baron

Valeriy Davydenko was born in Nosivka, Chernihiv region. It was officially registered there. He was born in a family of collective farmers. During the last years of USSR he worked as a laborer on a local collective farm. In 1995, he received education at the Ukrainian University of Food Technology (mechanic engineer of food production equipment). And then suddenly became the Director of Agroprofit CJSC. As he himself admitted that former teachers of the institute, who developed the project of the sausage shop in one of the villages of Chernihiv region invited Davydenko to work as the leader of this project.

Davydenko worked for two years in business in a high position and then in 1998 he got a job at the Ukrainian House of communications … as a mechanic engineer. In the early 2000s, he worked as an ordinary insurance specialist in Salamandra-Skhid Joint-Stock Insurance Company and Ukrainian Insurance Group CJSC. He went abroad to earn money.  

And then, in 2004, according to Valeriy Davydenko, he was lucky: his acquaintances held talks in Bakhmach to rent land, and invited him. Agrodim enterprise was created in 2003. The first manager could not establish the process, he got stuck in a sad credit history. And in November 2004, Valeriy Davydenko has become a director general of the enterprise.  

Subsequently, Agrodim will grow into a whole agro-empire of the future MP. In the south of Chernihiv region, Davydenko will have tens of thousands of hectares of land, a sugar factory and other assets. And people who later became close to the family of President Viktor Yanukovych helped him become a big businessman.

Partner of Yanukovych’s people

Valeriy Davydenko’s became known to the public in 2007. At the time, he, the CEO of Agrodim, turned out to be one of the new co-owners of Terra Bank – together with his partner Yuriy Kolobov. Kolobov, if will become the Minister of Finance in the government of Mykola Azarov. But the venture with the bank was a failure for Davydenko and in seven years there was nothing left from one of the oldest Ukrainian banks (founded in 1995), as in August 2014, temporary administration was introduced in Terra.

However, his acquaintance with Kolobov bore significant fruit. Shortly after Viktor Yanukovych was elected President, Kolobov became Finance Minister, and Valeriy Davydenko became Deputy Agrarian Minister. He worked under the leadership of Mykola Prysiazhniuk, headed the supervisory board of the State Food and Grain Company of Ukraine. The results of Valeriy Davydenko’s work have led to multibillion-dollar financial claims from China. Having received a $3 billion loan from China in exchange for grain supplies, the State Food and Grain Company of Ukraine shipped only for $153 million. At that time, “Chinese” grain went to other countries at higher prices.

In 2014, after a change of authorities, Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s government fired Davydenko from all government positions. In the summer of that year, he was already listed as an Advisor to the Directorate for the Development of Advanced Programs of the Institute of Innovative Providing CJSC of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

Poroshenko‘s team member

Despite his past, in the fall of 2014, Davydenko ran for the Verkhovna Rada under the brand of the Spade party. Haven’t you heard of Spade? It is not surprising, as it was a local project for one election in Chernihiv region, the party literally showered the area with money, offering agitators twice as many competitors, and even gave money for the vote in favor of Davydenko (police even detained party proxies with 257,000 uah in a bag (9,600 dollars). Spade party turned out to be one of the most impressive technological projects, which shocked even experienced specialists with the amount of money directed for its agitation. As a result, a month before the election, Spade has already become a leader – but not of the voters’ liking, but online sources. It was Davydenko’s party that ordered more than a third of all paid news on Ukrainian websites.

As you understand, Davydenko eventually became an MP, and after the start of the new Verkhovna Rada he became a member of the Petro Pproshenko Bloc. Davydenko was an inconspicuous MP: he practically did not speak, did not submit bills, according to Slovo i Dilo website, did not fulfill almost any of his promises. He did not even vote for the illegitimate election to the State Duma in the occupied Crimea.

Mom loves land

Despite the large agribusiness, Davydenko’s declaration showed him as a quite poor person for his status: apartment in Bakhmach, house in Nosivka and a garage. However, there are several expensive watches in the businessman’s collection. Though, Davydenko’s civilian wife Lyudmyla Nesterenko has a lot more of property – 3 apartments, two of which are in Kyiv, two plots of land, Infiniti car. The house, apartment, “Land Cruiser” land is on the mother of the murdered.

Davydenko registered his business as his mother’s after he was elected an MP. Yes, she became the owner of shares in the French company AGROREGION, she owns REGION-2007 LLC (it is in face a private customs checkpoint in the village of Kozelets, opened after Deputy Minister Davydenko helped close the state checkpoint in Chernihiv), and dozens of other companies with mainly agricultural activities.

In 2015, MP Davydenko became the curator of the Our Land party (Bankova’s project of that time, which united former Party of Regions MPs in various regions of the country) in Chernihiv region.

And after the change of authorities in Ukraine in 2019, Davydenko has already entered the Rada as a self-nominated candidate from 208th constituency in Chernihiv region and in December of the same year joined the Dovira deputy group.

Shot himself or was shot?

Interestingly, after Davydenko’s death, ex-MP Ihor Mosiychuk called for the immediate arrest of another MP from the Dovira group, Borys Prykhodko. “Take under protection or better into custody the newly shot MP Valeriy Davydenko’s accomplice in theft of the agrarian fund, another MP from the Dovira group Borys Prykhodko! Oh, another “suicide” is coming up…,” Mosiychuk wrote in the Telegram channel.

It is about the fact that Davydenko and Prykhodko were involved in another criminal case – on the theft of funds from the Agrarian Fund. Allegedly, in February 2014, Prykhodko, while holding the position of First Deputy Head of the National Bank of Ukraine, illegally seized 74,000 dollars from the Agrarian Fund by prior agreement with the Chairman of the Board of Agrarian Fund and Brokbusinessbank officials.

The investigation established that the fund placed money on the deposit account of Brokbusinessbank without the permission of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, and the bank spent these funds on its own needs. Davydenko, who worked at the Ministry of Agriculture at the time, was called Prykhodko’s business partner.

MP Anton Polyakov, who wrote a lot about this process, wrote in a Telegram channel that he would not believe in Davydenko’s suicide even if it was announced by law enforcement officers.

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  • Just another typical Ukrainian politician, rotten to the core, poor as a church mouse, but with a very rich family.

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  • Sounds an average Rada member to me……………………….even a hard core classic one. The small Yanukovitch from Western Ukraine

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  • Arrest only the other RADA-member who killed him………………..

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  • In a country were Yanu-lovers getting jobs to replace the good reformers, and Yanu-lovers are acquitted from their crimes……………….by the fake corrupt ‘Anti-Corruption Court’……………well, but 60%of Ukrainians seems still to support these practices…………………so, why should I care.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Well, if there is no other way to remove the filth from Ukrainian government, then just let them commit suicide. I’m ever more convinced that it would be a good day when Zelensky gets endowed with a bullet in his head.

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