Iran names those responsible for PS752 downed aircraft

Missile system operator violated firing rules without permission

Iran has named responsible for the Ukrainian plane shot down in January of this year near Tehran. It is the missile system operator, who violated the rules of firing “without permission”. This was stated by former Iranian lawmaker Mahmoud Sadeki with reference to the response to his request from the Minister of Defense of Iran Amir Khatami, Radio Liberty reports.

According to it, Khatami said that the missile system operator probably hadn’t contacted the command center, relying on the “fuzzy information” of the Ministry of Defense when making the decision to launch the rocket.

Mahmoud Sadeki also said that by sending a request, he wanted to receive explanations from the Minister of Defense of the reasons for “lack of coordination in the national air defense network.” This, in his opinion, led to the launch of two missiles on a Ukrainian passenger plane in the sky of Tehran.  

We recall that on the night of January 7-8, Boeing 737 passenger plane, which belonged to UIA, crashed near the Iranian capital. On board were 176 people, of which 9 were crew members. Among the dead are 11 Ukrainians, two were passengers. Most of the victims Iranians and Canadians.

On Saturday morning, January 11, the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces announced that a missile launched by the military center of the Guards of the Islamic Revolution hit the Ukrainian Boeing 737 aircraft.

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  1. The headline should say, Iran finds scapegoat for their act of terrorism. Iran is 100% responsible for the plane being shot down. Iran are the ones who trained these monkeys, Iran are the ones who bought this Russian junk, that can’t distinguish, a military plane from a civilian one.

    • Not sure I’m buying it yet. The “System Operator” could also be Moskali since this system can be overridden and put into “remote control.” It seems to me, that would mean the ultimate control of the system would be in the Kremlin. If that is feasible, then there is a very high level of doubt that shooting down a Ukrainian airliner was a mistake considering the Kremlin occupations and war in Ukraine.

      • Yeah, too much coincidence a Ukrainian plane was shot down, after many other civilian planes had taken off. Which means the Iranian terrorists are protecting their Russian terrorist friends.

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