The United States has condemned Russia’s continued use of conscription in Crimea as a violation of international humanitarian law.

U.S. Ambassador to the OSCE James S. Gilmore said this during an online meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna on Thursday, May 21, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The Russian authorities continue conscription of individuals from Crimea into Russia’s armed forces. Compelling persons protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention to serve in the forces of a hostile power is a grave breach of the Geneva Convention, and a violation of the obligations that the Russian Federation owes under its subscription to the Geneva Convention. Once again, a violation of international norms and behavior and commitments that the Russian Federation has made and now violates,” he said.

He recalled that since 2015, Russia has conducted annual spring and fall conscriptions in Crimea. A failure to participate, to submit to those conscriptions is punishable by a criminal penalty. An August 2019 report by the UN Secretary General stated that at least 18,000 men in Crimea had been conscripted under threat of criminal prosecution into the Russian Armed Forces, some of whom were assigned to military bases in the Russian Federation. The Russian government reportedly conscripted 2,600 individuals into its armed forces in the fall of 2019 and plans to conscript 3,300 more this spring, which would bring the total number conscripted by Russia to nearly 24,000 citizens of Crimea.

“Although Russia attempted to disguise its military occupation of Crimea with a hastily organized sham referendum in March 2014 and other efforts, States have overwhelmingly rejected this charade, including in multiple UN General Assembly resolutions. Crimea is part of Ukraine, despite the Russian Government’s efforts to pretend otherwise,” the ambassador stressed.

Russia’s belligerent occupation of Crimea must be conducted in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention and customary international law applicable to belligerent occupation. Article 51 of the Fourth Geneva Convention states that an Occupying Power “may not compel protected persons to serve in its armed or auxiliary forces.”

Russia has engaged in exactly this type of behavior. In addition to forcing thousands of residents of Crimea into its armed forces by implementing a law that punishes by criminal penalty failure to participate in compulsory military service in the Russian armed forces, Russia has pursued criminal charges against those who resist.

“Russia’s conscriptions of residents of Crimea into its armed forces are inconsistent with international humanitarian law applicable to belligerent occupation. We call on Russia to end immediately its campaign of conscription of residents of Crimea, cease its other abuses, and return control of the peninsula to Ukraine. The flagrant violations of international law must stop,” the U.S. ambassador stated.



  • This is a pointless statement to make. Russia’s position is that Crimea is now Russian, while the rest of the west and Ukraine say otherwise. So if Russia adheres to this call, it would be de facto acknowledging that Crimea isn’t Russian. So they will plough on if at all, to prove that as far as they are concerned, Crimea is now Russian and therefor any Crimean residents can be conscripted into the Russian army.

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    • It is not Russian, you dumb, putler-groveling troll. So the statement is not pointless, as it is a statement of fact.

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      • I think you are the dumb one. You didn’t even read my points. I said Russia’s position is that Crimea is Russian. I didn’t say Crimea is Russian as a matter Of fact. However it is a fact that Russia claims Crimea to be part of the RF. so who is the dumb one ??


        • You are a self-appointed spokesman for a fascist regime that murders its neighbours, steals their land, lies about it and uses an army of sociopathic misfits who get a boner from looking at their tiny fuhrer on his horse and gloating about the victims of said fascist regime, to troll on its behalf. That makes you dumb. Or evil, or probably both.

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          • You are the relics SJW. Never wanting to hear a different point of view. Defaulting to ad hominem attacks if anyone says something different from your line of thinking.

            If it had read any of my previous posts you would have seen that I made my position very clear. I am a pacifist.
            I stated that Ukraine should be left alone to deal with her own issues without influence from outside. Including Russia. How does that make me a spokesperson for anyone.

            You just want me to chant “Crimea is Ukraine “. I could do that. It won’t change the current facts on the ground.

            And those facts are that a Russian flag flies over Crimea.

            That’s why I framed my point very clearly. I stated that “RUSSIA CLAIMS CRIMEA “ to be a part of Russia. I didn’t say “ CRIMEA IS PART of Russia “

            Get it now snowflake ? Or do you what to run off to your safe space ??!


            • You are a scrofulous putler jackboot licking scum troll. Every single one of your driveling posts would fit like a glove on any kremkrapper site.

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              • So in other words, you still don’t have a coherent argument to present. As the saying goes “ it’s better to be it’s better to be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt “. You sir have made yourself absolutely clear, beyond a reasonable doubt. Well done.


    • Russian claims do not make it so. International law says otherwise and so do UN resolutions. Therefore Moskali conscription of Ukrainians is illegal and cannot be justified. How can a pacifist support such human rights violations?

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      • Again. Show me one comment where I have said I support the status quo. There is absolutely none.
        All I said was that the statement is nothing more than proclamations made every anniversary or at important dates in the history of Crimea. They will do do anything to change the current situation as it stands.

        It seems my crime here is to state the obvious. Which is that Russia currently claims Crimea. I never said the claim is valid.

        Yes. I am indeed against war. That’s why in another comment I said “Ukraine should be left to sort out why internal problems without input from outside forces. Including Russia “ how is that supporting Putin or Russia ?
        I want USA out of Syria and Afghanistan and Guantanamo bay and all other parts of the world where they are either uninvited or have overstayed their welcome. I want Russia out of Donbas, Georgia. Moldova etc.
        I want Israel out of the Gaza Strip, Golan heights.

        I guess my crime is to want to look at a balanced view of the current situation instead of drinking the cool aid that “all things USA or British are good “ and all things Chinese or Russian are bad.


        • Israel is not in the Gaza strip. The Golan was taken in defensive war and is part of Israel. Crimea is Ukraine. That it is under occupation by a Nazi regime is irrelevant. It still belongs to Ukraine, which Putin admitted to, twice. It is clear that you have stated the obvious as far as the Russian flag flying over Crimea, but the Nazi flag flew over Warsaw as well, and that did not make it German.


          • Gowan Heights where taken during a war. The UN does not recognise them as part of Israel. They are occupied by Israel. Just like so many other apart did Palestine that Israel continues to occupy and build settlements there.

            Shall I take it you fully support Russia’s hold over the Kuril Islands as they were also taken to quote your words “during a defensive “ war by the USSR and are now firmly part of Russia as the spoils of war ?

            My point is consistency of the application of law. We can’t expect Russia to be the one that upholds all laws because they are considered a hostile nation while the likes of Israel gets a pass on the Golan heights, the US gets a pass on the Chagos islands even after a clear ruling against this by the UN. There are many instances where this type of double standard occurs. My points are that they should all be addressed across the board. Not one rule for some and another for others.


  • англійський масон

    OSCE whimper like a toothless pussy while vatnikistan go their own way saying fuck you to the civilised World as per usual.

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