Ukrainian community in Crimea calls on UN to protect Russian-speaking population

Warning! This article contains the usual Russian BS.

SIMFEROPOL, May 22. /TASS/. Chairperson of the Ukrainian community of Crimea Anastasiya Gridchina has called on the world community to protect the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine.

Gridchina addressed the UN Security Council at an informal video conference on Thursday organized by the Russian permanent mission. According to her, the discrimination of the Russian-speaking population is now especially noticeable at schools and kindergartens of Ukraine, where children are forced to communicate exclusively in the Ukrainian language.

“I regret that in Ukraine the status of the Russian language has been repeatedly used and is still used as one of tools in political struggle. Today the official Kiev authorities cannot offer a solution to the language problem acceptable for all citizens and that’s why I believe that the global community should side with the Russian-speaking minority, which is abused because of the language,” Gridchina said.

A poll carried out by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology showed that some 28.1% of Ukrainians speak Russian, and 15.8% of them speak only this language, she noted.

An informal video conference of the UN Security Council was convened by the Russian mission and is held upon the so-called Arria formula, stipulating the participation of social activists. The event focused on the situation in Crimea and the citizens of the Black Sea Peninsula took part in it for the first time.

Source: TASS


  1. “Chairperson of the Ukrainian community of Crimea Anastasiya Gridchina has called on the world community to protect the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine.”

    Who the fuck is this Ukrainian community in Crimea? Any patriotic Ukrainians have been thrown in prison, tortured, or left Crimea for civilization. Perhaps the UN could ask the status of the Ukrainian language in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. Yeah I know that’s asking too much of the useless organisation.

    • This isn’t the first time the Moscow Misfits held up an international body to whine about Russian speaking rights in territories they occupy. Like something from Monty Python; “…we invaded, stole, raped, murdered and tortured and they won’t use our language!”

      • Once the Russian language dies a natural death in Ukraine, the scum can’t use the old excuse to invade. I would suggest Russia started to care about Russian speakers in Russia, instead of worrying about other countries killing off their mongol language.

  2. These putinazi creeps know how to appeal to putler loving scum in the west. The Goebbells business model works because these people know that there is no shortage of sour, sociopathic misfits looking for something evil to latch onto. Hence the hard left’s fascination for izlamonazis and putinazis and far right scum also latch on to the tiny poisoner. They all believe hate-spewing crap like the above article.

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