Russia blocks Ukraine’s entry into NATO by occupying territories, but there is a solution to the problem – Volker

Former U.S. special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker said Russia is keen to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO, using occupation as a means to this end.

This Walker said during an online discussion at the Kiev Security Forum on Friday.

“ Russia wants to prevent countries such as Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova from joining the Alliance. And she occupied certain territories in these countries. And the members of the Alliance do not have a special desire to accept countries that have territories occupied by Russia into their ranks, ”Volker quoted Interfax-Ukraine.

The diplomat recalled that according to the fifth article of the NATO Charter, an attack on any member country would be considered an attack on the entire Alliance – this would automatically mean the need to fight with Russia and conquer these territories by force.

Walker noted that this is precisely why he proposed in his article that the fifth article should not concern these territories, that is, not to give Russia a veto on the entry of these countries into the Alliance due to the fact that it occupied certain territories there.

“ In a word, the respective country and NATO sign an agreement that the fifth article will not directly concern the occupied territories. We pledge ourselves first not to use force to bring them back, and we will only support the peaceful reintegration of these territories and the restoration of the integrity of countries seeking to join NATO. This should deprive Russia of incentives to continue the occupation of these territories, ”Volker noted.

Since 2014, Russia has been a party to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, supporting materially and technically terrorist formations ” LDNR”.

In 2014 and 2015, the Russian army went on a direct military invasion of the territory of Ukraine with the aim of military assistance to the militants of the Donbass.

The Kremlin denies the participation of the Russian Federation in the war in the Donbass, calling it a “civil conflict”.

Russia continues to fuel the war in the Donbas with money and armaments, creating a full-fledged army in the occupied regions consisting of Russian personnel, Russian citizens and local separatist elements.

As a result of Russian aggression, more than 10 thousand Ukrainians died, more than 20 thousand were injured, 1.8 million Ukrainians became internally displaced persons.

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