Ukrainians celebrate Vyshyvanka Day

Today, on the third Thursday of May, Ukrainians traditionally celebrate Vyshyvanka Day, the day of the national embroidered shirt.

This Day is not a public holiday but is celebrated in Ukraine and abroad – Ukrainians and all people who are fond of the Ukrainian culture.

The celebration started by students of the Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations of Yuri Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. In 2006, they offered dedicating one day in a year to the Ukrainian embroidered shirt. In 2014, it became popular outside Ukraine.

The Ukrainian vyshyvanka, along with the traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs called pysanka, is one of the brightest symbols of the Ukrainian culture. In addition, wearing an embroidered shirt, one demonstrates not only its beauty and uniqueness but proves belonging to the eternal Ukrainian cultural tradition.

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