‘I’m different from Poroshenko’


  1. I watched the first 30 seconds were he says he says he’s an honest decent person who cares about the country, I didn’t need to see anymore of his BS after that. I’m afraid if this idiot had been in charge after Maidan, Ukraine would be run by Russia now.

    • I get that his every word is under scrutiny from putinazi savages, so he has to be careful, but where is the sense of outrage? The condemnation of what the enemy is doing? I get that he supported the euromaidan, helped fund volunteer battalions and is broadly pro-Ukraine, but don’t even know what his ideology is. I am guessing that it is roughly equivalent to social democracy? He is too careful with his words for my liking. However, if he gives Saakash freedom to operate, crushes the putinoid oligarchs and takes down the disastrous putler shill TV channels, then he’d be on the right track. Were they ‘50% pro-Russia’ during Poro’s time, or has that takeover occurred on Zel’s watch?

      • 112 changed to being pro Kremlin in 2018 when Medvedchuk bought 112. I’m still amazed this propaganda channel is allowed to air on screen when the country is at war with the fascist state. Something is very rotten in Ukraine.

        • Rotten indeed.
          They need some anti-cancer surgery. Starting with Medvedchuk and Boyko. They are the equivalent of Oswald Mosley and William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) in WW2, except they are far worse. Mosley was locked up and Joyce was strung up. Better use the latter business model. Then seize their business, cash and property assets for the armed forces.

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