Zelensky believes that salary of $200 is not poverty

Salaries in Ukraine in the amount of $190-220 are not indicators of poverty in our country. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky at a press conference in Kyiv today, – correspondent of OstroV reports.

This way he commented on the UNICEF forecast that more than 6 million people in Ukraine could be below the poverty line due to the socio-economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

“They (UNICEF – OstroV) have world statistics, they compare the minimum wage, and on the whole, our average salary is lower. This is not quite adequate (in a good sense) information about Ukraine… It seems that all people who will receive $190-220 believe that they are poor. Yes, this is quite a small salary compared to European or American standards. I understand that their $250 is a penny-ante salary. This is a small salary for us as well, but this is not poverty in Ukraine”, – he said.

As previously reported, ex-Minister of Education in the government, formed by the Ze-team, Anna Novosad stated that she could not afford herself to give birth and raise a child for $1360 of salary per month.

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  1. He could prove his (lame) claim by living off of this money for two or three years. Most people have to do so all of their lives.
    What sort of full-blown idiot did Ukraine vote into office?

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