YouTube has removed three Russian propaganda channels

Authors:MediaSapiensThe video platform removed the YouTube channels of the propaganda news agencies Anna News and News-Front, as well as the YouTube channel of the Russian state TV channel in Crimea “Crimea 24”.

The removal of three YouTube channels – Anna News, News-Front and “Crimea 24” (which is a channel of a local TV and radio company) – was first reported by a Russian YouTube channel called “Autobot Paymullina”, which contains information about deleting or blocking YouTube accounts. The reason these channels were blocked is stated in the deleted accounts: ” This account has been blocked due to a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Use .” There are no other details.

YouTube has removed channels completely, without storing the channel names and videos they contained. Before the removal, the News-Front channel had 457 thousand subscribers, Anna News – 288 thousand, “Crimea 24” – 25 thousand.

The resources themselves confirmed the blocking of their channels and stated that they had contacted the YouTube administration to find out the reason for removing the channels. The Crimea 24 channel has already  received an answer to its request and to the appeal regarding the blockade. YouTube has announced that this channel has been blocked due to a complaint and the block will be extended due to violations of the terms of use of video hosting.

Anna News and News-Front were previously blocked due to violations of video hosting rules. Both contain pro-Russian propaganda and support the so-called “LPR” and “DPR”, as well as cover the activities of illegal armed groups in the ORDLO. The Crimea 24 channel is a YouTube channel of the Russian state television and radio company of the same name in the Crimea.



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