Turkey cuts purchases of Russian gas by seven times, Germany – by half

Compared to 2018, Russian gas supplies to Turkey fell 14 times.

According to the results of March 2020, Russian gas exports to Turkey decreased to 210 million cubic meters from 1.418 billion cubic meters for the same period in 2019. It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine .

Compared to 2018, Russian gas supplies to Turkey fell 14 times. Thus, Turkey, previously ranked second among Gazprom’s largest customers, is in the top ten with less purchases than Lithuania.

It is noted that Turkey increased the supply of liquefied natural gas, which purchases in Algeria, Qatar, Nigeria and the United States.

The main buyer of Russian gas – Germany – in March 2020, reduced imports of Gazprom products by 45% – to 2.67 billion cubic meters.

Over the same period, Russian gas supplies to Austria fell by 25%, to Belarus – by 8%.

At the same time, Russian gas supplies to Italy and Hungary increased by 19%.

As reported, Russia and Turkey launched the Turkish Stream gas pipeline in January 2020 . Two lines of the gas pipeline are capable of pumping 15.75 billion cubic meters per year. One of them is intended for the Turkish market, the second – for the European, with a continuation on the territory of Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary.

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  • “At the same time, Russian gas supplies to Italy and Hungary increased by 19%.”

    No surprise here, all fascists dictators stick together.

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  • Not surprising given the global impact of Covid 19. Closures of manufacturing plants etc means less demand for raw materials.

    However according to the article below, overall supplies of gas to the EI have been climbing since March.



  • onlyfactsplease

    The amount of gas that the mafia state will sell to the EU in the future will decrease. The EU is a dying entity and this primarily means that its industries are going down the tubes, reducing the need for energy. In addition, Poland, Ukraine and other European nations have begun buying from other sources.

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    • That’s how economies work. It’s a cycle. The power of Siberia pipeline is up and running. It will cater for the increasing demand from China as they reduce fossil fuels. That should soften the blow of any decrease in consumption from Europe.

      The EU as a political entity may be dying, but the countries remain. And they will continue to use gas.

      Frankly I am surprised that Ukraine is still buying gas from other countries when it should be exploring and pumping its own gas. Providing healthy competition for Russian gas.


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