Russian Military Helicopter Crashes, Killing Crew

A Russian military helicopter crashed Tuesday evening, killing its three crew members, news agency RIA Novosti reported.

The MI-8 helicopter belonging to the Russian Air Force crashed near the town of Klin, 50 miles outside Moscow, during training exercises.

“On May 19, around 20:00, while performing a training flight 20 kilometers from the village of Klin, a Russian Air Force MI-8 helicopter made a hard landing in a deserted area. As a result of the hard landing, the crew died of their injuries,” the Defence Ministry said in a statement.

“According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash could be a technical malfunction,” it added. 

The helicopter was flying without ammunition at the time of the crash. The Defence Ministry did not disclose the number of fatalities, but Russian news agencies reported three crew members were killed. 

The MI-8 is a Soviet-designed twin-turbine helicopter and is often used to transport civilians or troops.

In 2018, an MI-8 helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff in Siberia, killing all 18 people on board including three crew members.

AFP contributed reporting to this article.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • “According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash could be a technical malfunction,” it added.

    Putin: “We have weapons nobody else in the world possess.”

    Yep, most countries helicopters defy gravity.

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    • What good are weapons from 2020 being deployed by machines from 1964?
      Hang it up shorty the shirtless, try doing something positive at the end of your life, like promoting modern technology to make cheese or something…

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    • These are fatal exceptions. In Russia such are the regular.

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      • TS is a trumputin troll who gloats at Ukrainian misfortune.

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        • I do not gloat at the misfortune of any country. I am a pacifist. So any form of warfare is deplorable in my opinion. What I don’t like the the rank hypocrisy when it comes to Russia. Yes, Russia is indeed engaged in a covert war in Donbas. I don’t support that. And Ukraine should be left to sort out her issues unhindered.

          But we see the meddling in other countries by the superpower that is the USA perennially painted as a force for good. Regardless of outcomes.

          Take Libya for instance. It’s now a failed state with modern day slavery taking place. Yet no one asks why France, UK and the US bombed that country. Then there are the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that never were.
          Nothwistanding the fact that Donald Rumsfeld met with saddam at least twice, to sell him weapons to attack Iran with. He was a good dictator then.

          What I find unfortunate is that this website is a great platform to promote all that’s good about Ukraine, as well as to challenge the corruption that’s still endemic. Instead 60% or more of the articles are always about the negative things in Russia.

          Dwelling on the misfortunes of Russia won’t translate to good fortune for Ukraine. It won’t fix the corruption in Ukraine. It’s just a short lived high like a drug addict gets from a hit, before going back to the same status till the next hit is available.

          That’s my point of view.


          • To support my above point, look at the 10 most recent posts. 8 are about Russia. And only 2 relate to Ukraine directly.


          • You are a putin lover who, like many kremtrolls, uses moral relativism to promote kremlin talking points. Drivel in other words. So clear off.

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            • So the fact that the last 10 articles have 8 about Russia is a Kremlin talking point ? And yes. Moral relativism is the last refuge of those who can’t bear to face the criticisms of bias.


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