Russia supplies three wagons with ammunition and tanks to Donbas

Russia supplies three wagons with ammunition and tanks to Donbas

19.05.2020 15:50

Russia has delivered more than ten tanks, eight armored combat vehicles, and vehicles loaded with ammunition to Donbas.

“Last week, three wagons of ammunition, including for weapons of banned caliber, more than ten tanks (three new and the rest – repaired ones), eight armored combat vehicles, and up to 30 vehicles loaded with ammunition for small arms and grenade launchers were delivered from Russian territory through uncontrolled border areas to the occupation units,” Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Spokesman Mykhailo Sharavara announced at a briefing.

Russian propagandists try to justify an increase in arms supplies to the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions with the alleged “threat of offensive” by Joint Forces in late May.



    • Redders: re your excellent post about Russian information warfare, I accidentally posted a comment on the site it came from : ‘Reframing Russia’. Although a super article, the site is actually a vile kremlin propaganda outlet. Is there any way I can delete my comment from there in the same way that we can here?

      • I suppose you could try. Yeah, I reposted it because it looked like a straight article. I know those guys look like yoyo’s. Maybe they will figure into their calculus that there really are some people trying to make Putin pay for his crimes. I believe it’s called positive reinforcement and conditioning in psychology….and dog training….LMAO!

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