For those who enjoy great cinema, this is a must.

Haytarma was made on location in Crimea in 2012 and released in 2013. Extracted from wiki: Russian Consul in Simferopol Vladimir Andreev provoked public controversy for his comments that the film “distorts the truth” with its failure to mention alleged collaborationism by Crimean Tatars during Nazi Germany’s occupation of Ukraine. He told several prominent Russian generals invited to the premiere to not attend, and said that the Crimean Tatars deserved to be deported, provoking a massive backlash. He later admitted that he did not actually watch the movie, saying “I did not watch [Seitablaev’s] film, but I know it is based on falsified history because it was produced by Crimean Tatars”. Members of the public took expressed disgust, and on 23 May 2013 about 300 people held a protest outside the consulate demanding that Andreev be declared persona non grata, while the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs described Andreev’s remarks as “inappropriate”. Andreev initially stood by his Tatarophobic remarks made without knowledge of the movie’s content and refused to retract them, but the following day the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also described Andreev’s words as inappropriate and incorrect. Eventually he resigned in anger that the Russian government did not support his comments.

The movie works as great drama, but it has a profound message.

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