Atlas V rocket succesfully launched from Cape Canaveral

It carries X-37B spacecraft, which will bring the satellite to the orbit and test the power-beaming technology

The US Air Force mission successfully started on May 17, with Atlas V rocket being launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. According to BBC, the rocket carried an X-37B space plane “for a secretive mission”; it is supposed to deliver the satellite to the orbit and test the power-beaming technology.

That’s the sixth mission of this device in the space. The very program started in 1999.

Built by Boeing, the plane uses solar panels for power in orbit, measures over 29ft (9m) long, has a wingspan of nearly 15ft, and weight of 11,000lbs (4,989 kg).

The first plane flew in April 2010 and returned after an eight-month mission.

“X-37B is a classified program and very little is known about it. The Pentagon has revealed very few details about the drone’s missions and capabilities in the past. “This X-37B mission will host more experiments than any other prior missions,” Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett said earlier this month”, reads the article.

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