Germany’s decision not to exempt Nord Stream 2 from EU gas directive is blow to Russia, – ambassador

Melnyk added that it is too early to say that the current victory around Nord Stream 2 is final22:07, 16 May 2020

Nord Stream 

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk welcomed the decision of the German authorities not to exempt the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from the requirements of the EU gas directive. This was stated by the diplomat in a commentary to Radio Liberty.

“In essence, we are talking about preserving the domestic gas transportation system as the main transit for energy carriers to the EU market. Today’s verdict of the independent regulator of Germany on refusing to exclude the NS-2 gas pipeline from European legislation has become a sensitive blow to Russia and all its lobbyists in Germany, before all to Mr. Schroeder,” he said.

Melnyk added that “it is too early to say that the current victory around Nord Stream 2 is final.”

We recall that on April 4, 2019, the European Parliament approved an updated directive that applies the EU gas market rules to pipelines laid from non-EU countries (in particular, Nord Stream 2, which should be laid along the bottom of the Baltic Sea between Russia and Germany).

Among the main provisions of the directive is the separation of companies that supply gas and companies that transport it.

This means that the operator of the Nord Stream 2 company should be independent of Gazprom, and 50 percent of its capacity should be reserved for alternative suppliers. Exceptions are possible, but only with the approval of the European Commission.

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