Trump has announced development of ‘super-duper rocket’

According to Trump, this is fastest rocket in world, almost three times faster than Russian and Chinese

President Donald Trump has announced the development of a new hypersonic ‘super-duper missile’ in the US – it is almost 3 times stronger and faster than the Chinese and Russian counterparts. Trump said this at the ceremony of presenting the new flag of the US Space Forces, as The Washington Post reports.

Trump noted that the United States is now creating “incredible military equipment of an unprecedented level.”

He noted that Russia and China are working on missiles, which are five or six times faster than the missiles that are now.

“With us, it’s 17 times faster, and this project has just received the green light … This is the fastest rocket in the world, almost three times faster than the Russian and Chinese,” Trump assured.

As we reported before, The US aerospace agency NASA introduced the “Pact of Artemis” – an agreement between space countries on the rules for the exploration of the moon.

It is not yet known which US countries are negotiating accession to this agreement.

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