Russia invites the U.S. to work on joint Moon exploration projects

Russia’s Space Agency Roscosmos invited NASA management to discuss joint Moon exploration projects, reports the Russian newspaper Kommersant with reference to Sergey Saveliev, Roscosmos’ Deputy Director for International Cooperation.

According to Saveliev, in recent years the channels of direct communication between Roscosmos State Corporation and NASA in a number of areas have “noticeably deteriorated”.

“Instead of discussing dozens of projects of mutual interest, it comes down either to the delivery of astronauts to the International Space Station as part of a manned program, or to the delivery to the United States of Russian RD-180/181 engines. Ambitious projects related to the development of the Moon could become a serious factor for the cooperation between the two countries in difficult times,” he said.

In April 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order stating America has the right to explore and use resources from outer space. Later, media reported that Trump administration is preparing an international agreement on the development of the Moon. Russia was not included in the project.

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  • What part of the sentence, “We don’t fucking need you”, do the Moskali not understand?

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  • The moon is ours. There’s only one flag up there and it’s the flag of America. Nice try though. We have enough of commie crappers aka Russia, China, Venezuela and North Korea!

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  • Since Trump started talking about cermical exploitation your damn right Russia wants joint projects.
    They know they will only get a seat at the table if they tag along with the US.
    Well sorry Ivan it’s our sand box it’s our rules. You want in then you need to learn to work and play well with others.
    The irony here is that with Ukrainian cooperation the Russian space program would not be in the dreary state it is in.
    Bush is widely regarded as an idiot but he was never stupid enough to attack his closest ally and largest arms supplier.

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