Moscow Says No Proof Russian Hackers Spied on Merkel

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday rejected allegations by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Russian hackers had spied on her.

“Five years have passed. Not a single concrete fact has been provided,” Lavrov said in a live interview with Russia’s RBC news website.

Speaking in parliament on Wednesday, Merkel voiced frustration that Russia was targeting her in hacking attacks as she tried to build a better relationship with Moscow.

She said she had concrete proof of the “outrageous” spying attempts.

Lavrov charged that Berlin had decided Moscow was guilty even though “there are no facts in relation to Russia.”

German media reported that data from Merkel’s email account was among information copied by hackers in 2015 in an attack that also targeted the Bundestag.

Reports in German media have named the suspect as Dmitry Badin, who is also wanted by the FBI for other cyberattacks, including those targeting the Democrats during the 2016 US presidential election.

Merkel raised the specter of new sanctions against Russia if the rogue activity did not stop, adding that he attacks “pained” her.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • Lavrov charged that Berlin had decided Moscow was guilty even though “there are no facts in relation to Russia.”

    How many times have we heard this pile of crap coming out of horseface’s mouth? Then when the evidence is placed before Muscovy, it’s all declared fake evidence and Russophobia. I’m sure Merkel will punish Russia, by accepting a position on the board of Gazprom when she retires next year.

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    • “Merkel raised the specter of new sanctions against Russia if the rogue activity did not stop…”
      And then when it happens again she will say the same thing. Meanwhile the Horde will continue their malign activity and continue popping champagne bottles.

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      • The assassination on German soil by Russia has conveniently been swept under the carpet, as will this latest episode by the terrorist state. When is a leader in the West going to stand up to this shithole of a country, and say, enough is enough, now it’s payback time.

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        • I like your sense of humor.

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          • Yeah, the whole lot of them are pathetic, spineless bastards.

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            • I would like to know how the West would respond if it would turn out that Moscow is responsible for Corona. It’s not totally unrealistic, since most bullshit on earth for the past decade had its origin in RuSSia.

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              • I said all along Russia are involved in this somehow. Nobody knows what kind of shit they are experimenting with, and what better way to try and destroy the top two economies in the world.

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                • Yeah. China had the first confirmed cases, but we don’t know of any unconfirmed cases outside China. And why would China fuck themselves?

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                  • Add to that, this explosion in a Russian lab last year, and the dots begin to join. The problem is, if China knew Russia was involved, they wouldn’t declare it. They would still blame the US.

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        • I’ve often said that it seems all “Western” leaders start by thinking they can solve the Putin disease but all have deceived themselves. It starts out friendly and they eventually figure it out but get replaced or it’s too late. I’d give a million of Scradge’s dollars to hear what Lady Thatcher would say to the little poisoner.

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