WHO says Corona will last forever


The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that Corona will last forever.

Not only has the WHO admitted total failure in stopping the deadly virus, but through this statement also let’s one suspect that our freedom is gone forever.

It is high time that all responsible for this mess will be held accountable, from China, to the WHO, and our own incompetent governments.

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  1. WHO are as guilty as China of letting this virus get out of control. Had the WHO not caved in to Chinese pressure, and allowed Taiwan to release information about this bat virus, thousands of lives would have been saved.

    • And $trillions would not have been lost from the global economy. The chicoms must pay and pay big. Evil bastards.

      • That’s one of the reasons I’ve called it WWIII. Equivalent to nuking Europe and the US. The world is changed now because China shared their evil culture with the world. They messed up and let it out then said they won’t be the only country to suffer so they sent their agents around the world spreading their filth.

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