Trump did not rule out a complete breakdown in relations with China

US President Donald Trump said that if relations with China deteriorated further, they could be completely broken.

This Trump said in an interview with Fox Business.

“ There are many options, you can do a lot of things. For example, completely terminate the relationship, ”Trump said.

According to Trump, thanks to this, more than $ 500 billion could be saved for the needs of the US economy.

Trump’s statement came amid Washington’s harsh criticism of Beijing’s actions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said earlier that he was ready to consider imposing sanctions against China for refusing to cooperate in investigating the causes of the spread of coronavirus.

The US authorities accuse Beijing of at least a late response to the coronavirus, which led to a global pandemic, as well as withholding information about the real situation in China.

Media close to the Republicans accused China of artificially creating a deadly virus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but the WHO and doctors are skeptical of such reports.

On May 3, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that there was “ huge” evidence that the WUHAN Institute of Virology , and not the local wildlife market , was the source of the COVID-19 coronavirus .

The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper, published a report stating that the Chinese authorities had been hiding and destroying data on a coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan for a long time. This conclusion came intelligence five western countries.

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  1. “According to Trump, thanks to this, more than $ 500 billion could be saved for the needs of the US economy.”

    This is a great idea, do it, but make sure you have the manufacturing capabilities set up in the US to manufacture all the Chinese junk the US imports. Make it illegal for US companies to base themselves outside of the US too. BTW the US won’t save $500 billion, more like $380 billion. The US export $120 billion worth of goods to China, I doubt the Chinks would continue to import from the US if Trump carries out this threat.

  2. That is pretty drastic spin from Trump. The world will need some time to cut ties with the Chicoms. Nevertheless, his position may have caused some warm yellow liquid to flow and dilute some bat viruses in China.

    • Yeah, cutting off China immediately would cause all sorts of shortages in goods. Nearly everything is made in China now, thanks to the greed of companies around the world. That greed has now bit them firmly on the ass.

  3. “There are many options, you can do a lot of things. For example, completely terminate the relationship,” Trump said.
    Eventually, it is essential to retreat economically from Chink-bat-virus-land. Even if this is not possible to accomplish quickly, as soon as possible is good enough. This goes in particular to hi-tech fields. Furthermore, we must guard vehemently against their spying and hacking and perhaps put a stop to allowing Chink citizens of studying in our better universities.
    I don’t trust China. I never have and I never will.

  4. He rightly feels able to get tough with China but oddly not Russia. In fact he has always had a combative stance to the chicoms but always soft as fuck with the putinazis, wihich makes no sense.

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