PM Shmyhal: EUR 150 mln of Germany’s aid to be directed to hospitals, business

PM Shmyhal: EUR 150 mln of Germany’s aid to be directed to hospitals, business

12.05.2020 18:20Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal discussed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel the economic situation, including overcoming the consequences of coronavirus and directing EUR 150 million from the unused reserve of provided German financial aid to hospitals and businesses.

This was discussed during the online conference of Heads of Government, the Government portal reports.

“The Prime Minister thanked Germany for its consistent financial support, emphasizing that since 2014 the country had provided a EUR 1.4 billion assistance to Ukraine, of which EUR 150 million (available funds) will be used to help Ukrainian hospitals purchase medical equipment and to support small and medium business amid coronavirus crisis,” the statement reads.

According to him, these funds, for example, can be used to reimburse interest on small business loans.

“Backing small-sized businesses can be another area to direct funds. For example, to reimburse bank interest on loans taken by small businesses. Or to develop certain industries that have been affected by the coronavirus,” the PM stressed.

During the online conference, the sides also raised the issue of the transformation of coal regions. In particular, a possibility to render assistance in the implementation of a pilot project at one of the Ukrainian mines. The Chancellor assured that Germany would be happy to take part in such a project.



  1. Germany gave Ukraine 1,4 billion euros since 2014. What happened, nothing? It was not used, but also, not stolen! hahahaha

    • As you often say, “Give credit where credit is due,” so thanks to Germany for the support. But, I would pay a bunch of that for Germany to just come out and tell the Moskali to stop their invasion and go home…..or else Germany would support kinetic operations by NATO to return them home by force. That wouldn’t cost them anything………

        • Great! Move it all to Ukraine and Georgia. The SPD is owned, bought and paid for by Russia. Always has been.

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