On the threshold of a palace coup. Why Putin canceled quarantine

The Russians, despite the peak of the coronavirus epidemic, are returning to work. What guided the Kremlin in making such a dangerous decision?

All decisions made by Vladimir Putin come from one criterion – what will help to maintain power and what can undermine it. In the situation with coronavirus, he constantly weighs what will threaten his power more – tens of thousands of new cases, and this trend in Russia continues, or tens of millions of hungry unemployed on the street.

Today is a significant day. Russia has always wanted to enter the top five great powers. And finally, she took second place ( after the United States) – however, in terms of the number of patients with coronavirus. But Putin decided that hungry unemployed would threaten his power more than dead and sick people , so he refused quarantine ( or rather, vacations) and allowed people to go to work, albeit at the peak of the pandemic.

The word ” quarantine” in Russia was never uttered, this period is called ” non-working week.” Putin first announced it about two months ago, when there were two or three thousand infected in the Russian Federation. Today, there are already 232,000 of them. Nevertheless, people have been driven to work – precisely because millions of living unemployed are more dangerous for Putin’s government than tens of thousands who died from COVID-19. Putin is guided by the above-mentioned principles in all matters; now the world says that his actions are illogical. Russia always follows a special path, this time quitting quarantine at the peak of the epidemic.

Putin sees the Federal Welfare Fund of Russia as the “ common fund ” of the organized criminal group he is in charge of. Under pressure, he squeezes something drop by drop.

Suppose support for families with children was announced – this is the right and useful measure, because sociology shows that just the majority of large families belong to the poorest category of citizens. But with all the official huge funds — the National Welfare and the gold and foreign exchange reserves — one could expect other support, like the one being carried out now in the United States. By my example, I can say that even without being a U.S. citizen ( I am a political migrant and I am there on the so-called green card), I automatically received $ 2,400 for two people, me and my wife, as well as all 329 million Americans, as an aid. And for this, it was not even necessary to fill out any papers.

Russia is a corporate-mafia state, so it does nothing of the kind. In addition, no one knows the real numbers, where is this fund located? For example, I dealt with the issue of criminal capital of the Russian elite in the United States. According to American experts, there is a trillion dollars owned by people close to Putin and the Russian leadership. His group is only interested in retaining power, and not the well-being of residents, they are forced to give small handouts, as if stopping social protest, but their goals and objectives are very far from the interests of the country and its population.

The decision to weaken quarantine certainly comes around. Even according to official figures, which can hardly be trusted, because Putin’s ratings are exaggerated, his popularity is declining. Social discontent will increase, but mass protests are simply not possible due to police control measures that only intensified during the epidemic.

Politically, this discontent will have the following effect – Putin’s inner circle will think about whether he is useful to them? The siloviki surrounding him are well aware of the price; for them he is not such a charismatic figure, which was, say, Hitler or Stalin for his entourage. Putin performs a useful function – he is a television product that protects them during the sacking of the country from citizens’ protests, with the help of artificially inflated popularity. If this popularity falls, then it automatically loses its value for them, and they will begin to think – there are signs that they are already thinking – do you need this television picture, called by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, or maybe think about other ways of communication with your “ beloved” people?

Therefore, a palace coup in the face of growing social discontent is a very real scenario.

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  1. Russia never cared about it’s citizens, only Russian speakers living abroad, but only in the context of “protecting” them, as in Crimea. Once “protected” they are soon Russified and treated like the rest of the sheep.

    • If this is the peak of the China virus for Moskovia, and thousands of doctors have quit, can they even make it to the end? I think this Chinese commie plague will last through September/October and the medical students in Moskovia will not be able to cope. Putin is also begging to have sanctions relief which is another sign of desperation. Can you see another October revolution on Red Square?…

  2. Putin like Hitler is hiding in his bunker. His little botox head is now full round, look like a small football.

  3. “What guided the Kremlin in making such a dangerous decision?”
    Sanctions in combination with very low energy prices and the economic damage from corona makes the financial situation dire.
    Who cares about dying people as long as the ruble rolls?

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