Statement of the year. So far!

Mike Pompeo issued a statement on May the 7th, that has the Kremlin and the RTrolls having a major tantrum in the corner. Did Pompeo tell an outright lie about Russia, or was he speaking the 100% truth? You decide. Here is the statement:

“While May 1945 brought the end of the Second World War in Europe, it did not bring freedom to all of Europe. The central and eastern part of the continent remained under the rule of communist regimes for almost 50 years. The Baltic States were illegally occupied and annexed, and the iron grip over the other captive nations was enforced by the Soviet Union using overwhelming military force, repression, and ideological control.”


  1. I saw that in another article. He absolutely told the truth. The presence of Moskali spastic seizures only proves he was right since they are allergic to the truth.

    • Look at how the US helped Japan after the war, and watch it grow into a strong economy. Then look at how Muscovy helped Eastern European countries become shitholes. Not to mention all the Western European countries who had a thriving economy in the 50s.

  2. I see absolutely nothing wrong or false with what Pompeo said. I do see a “provocation” for mafia land. But, who gives a rat’s ass? I sure don’t. On the contrary; each time those slimy little sewer rats get upset, I get happy.

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