Moldova rejects Russian loan

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko commented on the decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, which declared unconstitutional the Russian-Moldovan agreement on a loan of 200 million euros.

“This decision causes bewilderment and regret because, firstly, the Moldovan side applied for a loan, Russia did not impose anything on anyone. And, secondly, negotiations on the agreement were conducted openly and transparently, starting in November 2019. The Moldovan media covered its progress. For some reason, at that stage, no one raised the question of the constitutionality of negotiations.

The politicized attitude towards the Russian credit regret. In fairness, it is worth comparing the terms of loans that Chisinau receives from Russia and other countries and organizations. Our desire to help Moldova, which is close to us, is sincere, especially when it is experiencing economic difficulties, which are exacerbated by the situation with coronavirus. It is unfortunate that there are politicians in who – probably not without prompting from outside – put their own political ambitions above the real needs of the Moldovan citizens”, – said Rudenko.

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