Tetyana Danylenko together with ZIK employees launched a YouTube project

Its budget is about 100 thousand hryvnias a month. They are currently investing in production.

TV and radio presenter Tetyana Danylenko has launched a YouTube channel “Danylenko.”, Which will publish the author’s content on socio-political issues. She told about it in the comment to “Media Detector”.

Ms. Danylenko is working on the project together with the production company Bad Raven, which is owned by the former chief director of the ZIK TV channel Oleksandr Avsharov . The team also includes producer Tetyana Frolova , cameramen Dmytro Nevolin and Anton Borysiuk. 

Channel ” Danilenko. »Created on May 2, 2020. It will be filled with “field studies of Ukrainian politics and society” in the formats of interviews, reports and streams. New videos are planned to be released at least three times a week. The first interview on the channel came out on May 6: the presenter talked to the mayor of Cherkasy Anatoliy Bondarenko .

The project is expected to cost about 100 thousand hryvnias per month. ” This is the minimum production price we would like. In the future we want to increase the production budget by 2.5 times. But in fact, so far we work without money at all , “said Ms. Danylenko, adding that they are now investing their own money in the channel.

They plan to monetize the content of the YouTube channel with the help of advertising, donations and “in all possible ways”.

Bad Raven Production is engaged in the production of commercial content, it employs many former ZIK employees (cameramen, filmmakers, etc.). ” The team that left the channel after its sale to Medvedchuk in the hope that an independent, socially oriented media will appear in Ukraine,” the presenter said.

According to the DM, host Tetyana Danylenko on April 24, 2020, held the last broadcast on Radio NV . Her project “Results of the Week” was closed . Then she announced plans to launch her own YouTube project.

We will remind, on June 14, 2019 it became known that the  new owner of the ZIK channel  became Victor Medvedchuk’s colleague – Taras Kozak. He merged three of his news channels – 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK – into the media holding Noviny, headed by Oleksiy Semenov (former head of 112 Ukraina, NewsOne and Direct Channel).

Due to the change of ownership, a number of top managers of the ZIK media holding  announced their dismissal . In particular,   Ihor Turkevych, General Director of ZIK Media Holding , Olga Movchan, Head of the Own Programs Production Department, Roman Nedzelsky, News Editor of the TV Channel, and Tetyana Vergeles, Editor-in-Chief of ZIK News Agency, resigned. Vakhtang Kipiani ,  Serhiy Rakhmanin , Tetyana Danylenko also decided to close their programs on the channel  , and Ostap Drozdov suspended the broadcast of his program  . TV presenters Leyla Mammadova  and  Ostap Drozdov later announced their dismissal from ZIK.

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  1. I wish them luck, and applaud them for quitting en masse over the sale of Zik to Russian lovers.

      • Yeah, need to find out when they are going online. My mistake, she is already online, and had 1.38K subscribers. Unfortunately, no English subtitles.

        • Let’s hope they fix that. Nice looking woman, but with a haunting sense of melancholy on her fine features.

  2. “The team that left the channel after its sale to Medvedchuk in the hope that an independent, socially oriented media will appear in Ukraine,”
    Such a media is important in every country. But, only a few have them. I wish them much luck and success.

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