Russia asks Italy to “put pressure” on Brussels in cancellation of sanctions issue, – media

Russia wants Italy to pay for humanitarian aid in this way

The Russian government is asking Italy to pay for the humanitarian aid sent, “pushing” Brussels to lift the sanctions. This was reported by Linkiesta, referring to a letter from the ambassador of the Russian Federation to Italy, Sergei Razov.

“Finally, Moscow billed after aid (including military assistance) was sent to Italy to fight the coronavirus,” the media wrote.

Sergei Razov received a letter from Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, and on Wednesday, April 27, redirected it to MP Vito Petrocelli, expressing the hope that it would reach the attention of Italian senators.

“Western countries that call themselves democratic have imposed various types of sanctions on almost a third of the world’s population and do not intend to weaken them even during the fight against coronavirus … I urge all politicians to abandon the destructive sanctions policy,” wrote Slutsky.

We recall that on April 3, the UN rejected the Russian resolution on the lifting of sanctions. It was signed by China, Iran and Venezuela.  

The attempts of the Russian Federation to influence the lifting of sanctions due to the Covid-19 pandemic are hopeless as Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba earlier reported on Facebook.

It is noted that Dmytro Kuleba held a phone talk with Austrian colleague Alexander Schallenberg.

The foreign ministers discussed the situation around the European sanctions against Russia. Both ministers concluded the consistency of positions toward the necessity of maintenance of the sanctions of the international society.

“The attempts of Russia to cancel the sanctions due to the coronavirus are prospectless. It is important when countries-partners have the common view not only of the past but of the present,” the Foreign Minister said.

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  • The definition of humanitarian aid:

    “Humanitarian aid is material or logistical assistance provided for humanitarian purposes, typically in response to humanitarian relief efforts including natural disasters and man-made disaster.”

    The definition of a bribe:

    “to try to make someone do something for you by giving them money, presents, or something else that they want”

    I think we all know which category applies to the Russians.

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  • Why doesn’t Italy, which is becoming Europe’s leading putler jackboot licker country, just leave the EU, leave Nato and join the CIS? Alternatively, become a civilized country and stop trying to recreate the Mussolini era, which didn’t exactly go well for that morally bankrupt nation of preening spendthrift idiots.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    What is it that makes Italy such a lover of mafia land?
    That’s right, they too are full of mafiosi.
    Italy is bad for the EU and for NATO. They should be kicked out from both organizations. Indeed, a reshuffling of the EU and NATO would do both some good.
    And, this article proves once again (for the umpteenth time) that sanctions do work, albeit slowly.

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