Defense and Reform: Zelenskyy’s Ambitions Laid Out in Normandy and Kyiv

Ukraine’s Donbas conflict drags on while President Volodymyr Zelenskyy promises that the war “will end” under his tenure. And with new Normandy format meetings, involving the foreign ministers of the four countries, behind them, what will be the government’s next step in realizing Zelenskyy’s confidence?

Meanwhile at home, the administration seems to have turned a blind eye to outraged reformers as they’ve systematically fired many of them – with the heads of the tax and customs service being the latest victims. What do these firings mean for the Zelenskyy administration’s promises and progress towards real change?

On the latest edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up, we’ll be speaking to Olena Tregub, the Secretary General of the Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee at Transparency International, and Paul Niland, a Kyiv-based writer and founder of suicide hotline Lifeline Ukraine.

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One comment

  • The IMF needs to run not walk away from the negotiation table with this guy.
    He has made it clear he will allow the dismantling of all of the reforms and is intent of punishing the reformers.
    I had the highest hopes for him.
    However there is no point in ignoring the blatant grow of former Party of Regions members in key positions of government.
    I hate to say it but loosing the IMF will be damaging to the Ukraine economy and hurt many good people.
    But stopping the slide into autocracy is more important than a slight improvement in GDP or some extra coins in peoples pockets.
    Ze must be made to see he is on a dark a sinister path that only leads to Ukraine’s down fall.

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