Humanitarian Aid Delivery To Italy Costs National Guard UAH 633,500

Delivery of humanitarian aid to Italy cost the National Guard UAH 633,500.

This is stated in the response of the secretariat of the Main Directorate of the National Guard to the request of Ukrainian News Agency.

According to the response, in April, Ukraine carried out two flights to deliver 8.9 tons of disinfectant liquid.

The first flight cost Ukraine UAH 302,600, of which UAH 292,900 was the cost of fuel, UAH 9,500 per day for crew, and associated costs made UAH 94.

The second flight cost UAH 330,800, of which UAH 322,500 was the cost of fuel, UAH 8.1 per day for crew, and associated costs made UAH 158.

Bills for the payment of air navigation and control services have not yet been received.

According to the response to the request, the National Guard lacks information on the cost of purchasing disinfectant fluids and the allocation of budgetary funds for this.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on April 23, 20 Ukrainian medical volunteers returned from Italy.

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