More than 3.5 mln trees planted in mountainous areas of Ukrainian Carpathians


Forest enterprises have already planted more than 3.5 million trees in mountainous areas of the Ukrainian Carpathians this year, according to the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine.


“Finally, the time came when the snow had almost melted, and forestry specialists began to restore forests in the mountainous areas of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Almost 1 million trees have already been planted in Zakarpattia region, almost 1.2 million – in Lviv region, 700 thousand – in Ivano-Frankivsk region, 700 thousand – in Chernivtsi region,” reads the report.


In total, more than 1.5 thousand hectares of forest have been restored in the Carpathian region.


During the spring forest-cultivation campaign in the Ukrainian Carpathians, it is planned to restore more than 2 thousand hectares of forest.


As reported, on the International Day of Forests, 100 million trees were planted in Ukraine.​

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