Deputy chief of Kyiv Administration detained for assaulting traffic cop (Photo, video)

Things suddenly got messy after police stopped a car for a routine check as its lights were off. Kyiv Operativniy Kyiv police have detained Deputy Chief of the Kyiv City State Administration, Volodymyr Slonchak, for assaulting a cop. Kyiv Operativniy crime watchdog community has uploaded a relevant video on YouTube, noting that the municipal official was riding as a passenger in a car driven by city council deputy Liudmyla Kostenko.

Kyiv Operativniy

After patrol police officers routinely stopped the car that had its headlights off, the passenger reportedly tried to intimidate the officers, bragging about his status and threatening them with consequences for causing trouble to the driver.

The report claims Slonchak went even further and got out of the car to punch a police officer. Kyiv Operativniy He was immediately apprehended, Kyiv Operativniy wrote.

Kyiv Operativniy

The driver, in turn, has reportedly refused to pass DUI tests.   Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko has responded to the incident, saying he would announce his decision at today’s briefing.

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    • How come these fucks always have such nice cars? (Wind whistles, tumbleweed drifts by).
      The following highly entertaining video has a tangential connection. The ‘star’ makes her entrance at the 1 minute mark and it’s downhill all the way. Turns out her previous role was as a lawyer for Hillary Clinton, but happily she was sacked from her latest job as a direct result of the vid.

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      • I remember this incident, it shows perfectly how out of touch some politicians are. In the defense of the lady though, I’d rather face the cops with bad news than crocked Hillary, she would have a better chance of living.

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        • Weren’t those cops professional?! If I myself was in their position I would have unleashed a torrent of abuse after only a few minutes with her. It is bad enough have to risk your life encountering savage criminals, only to have to deal with an educated middle class type who is so puffed up and self-important that you want to put the cuffs on her just for being an arsehole!
          On the flip side, my own interaction with US traffic cops was the opposite : I was the polite one and they were the mean ones, even though I had not committed an offence! That was quite a few years back though.
          I was young and probably looked a bit aggressive.
          Those NJ cops in the vid clearly had a decent tertiary education; the ones I encountered probably had not!

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  1. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko has dismissed Volodymyr Slonchak as deputy chairman of Kyiv City State Administration due to an attack on a police officer.
    Klitschko said this at a briefing on Monday, April 27, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

    “I have dismissed Deputy Chairman of Kyiv City State Administration Volodymyr Slonchak. I think you saw in the news what happened late last night. I will not allow discrediting the city authorities and, first of all, those who represent them. I apologize to law enforcers, residents of Kyiv, for such a bad behavior of a deputy chairman of KCSA,” Klitschko said.

    He said that Slonchak should be held accountable for his actions.

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