For the first time, Ukraine will sponsor translations of Ukrainian literature to foreign languages

2020/04/23 – 18:11 • CIVIL SOCIETYApply before 15 May 2020!

For the very first time, Ukraine is going to sponsor translations of Ukrainian literature to foreign languages under the Translate Ukraine Grant Program by the Ukrainian Book Institute.

Translate Ukraine is a new program of the Ukrainian Book Institute which partly compensates the expenses of the publisher on translating and publishing Ukrainian literature in a foreign language.

An eligible applicant is a publisher – a legal entity operating at the territory of a foreign country. He must certify the desire and ability to publish and distribute the translation of the work at the foreign book market.

The application deadline is 15 May 2020.

Both beginners and experienced translators are invited to participate, but a list of translated works from the Ukrainian language or an excerpt of a text proposed for the translation will increase the chances of the project.

The applicant will receive remuneration when the book translated into a foreign language will be published and the report submitted to UBI. The book should be published and report submitted no later than 30 November 2020.

The grant of up to € 4,000 will provide partial or total coverage of translation and license fees.

Books originally written in Ukrainian and published by the Ukrainian publishers are eligible for translation. Translate Ukraine covers the main genres of modern and classical Ukrainian literature, including:

  • literature – prose, poetry, drama
  • children’s and young adult literature
  • humanities and social sciences.

The program does not provide subsidies for books already translated and published at a particular foreign language market, nor specialized literature not intended for the general public.

The following documents are needed to apply:

  • filled application form
  • a copy of a signed contract with the original copyright holder
  • a copy of a signed contract with the translator
  • translator’s CV
  • brief information about the publishing house

Applications may be submitted only by email to

Find more information at the website of the Ukrainian Book Institute and the full announcement.


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  1. This sounds like a great program for Ukraine and also to set history straight about Ukraine especially when it comes to fighting Moskali propaganda. Start with the history books ;))

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