Cabinet sacks customs, tax chiefs

Maksym Nefyodov / Photo from UNIAN

Their deputies were also laid off. Maksym Nefyodov / Photo from UNIAN

At an extraordinary meeting on Friday, April 24, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dismissed Head of the State Customs Service Maksym Nefyodov and Head of the State Fiscal Service Serhiy Verlanov.

Nefyodov’s deputies were also dismissed: Robert Zeldi, Deyis Shendryk, and Serhiy Petukhov, as well as Dmytro Ventsikovsky, deputy chief of the fiscal service.

In a comment to Novoye Vremya, Nefyodov confirmed the fact of his dismissal, adding that he learned about it at a Cabinet meeting. “I don’t know the reason for my dismissal,” Nefyodov said, adding that “Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko refused to talk to me and ran away.

” “But I feel better now as a person, now that I’ve been dismissed,” the former customs chief said. Read also PM to meet with customs chief Nefyodov on failure to meet customs revenue targets

As UNIAN reported earlier, the work of two agencies had been criticized recently due to the failure to meet the revenue targets of the state budget. Earlier today, the Verkhovna Rada set up a Provisional Investigation Commission to investigate possible corruption among government officials, which led to significant losses in budget revenues.

Also, experts suggested one of the reasons for the recent sacking of Ihor Umansky from the post of finance minister was his efforts aimed at changing heads of tax and customs services to bring in his allies.

On April 22, Umansky was appointed an advisor to Andriy Yermak, head of the President’s Office. He is reportedly tasked with supervising anti-corruption efforts precisely the customs and tax sectors. 

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