Anonymous made number of cyber attacks on the airport and hospitals in Czech Republic

Czech cybersecurity observer NUKIB on Thursday predicts cyber attacks in coming days

In the Czech Republic, the Prague airport and the regional Czech hospital managed to stop cyber attacks on their IT networks, which took place over the past few days. Reuters reports, with reference to representatives of the administration of these institutions.

A regional hospital in the western Czech city of Karlovy Vary was attacked twice on Saturday night, but cyber attacks were also repelled.

Several other hospitals in the Czech Republic also reported attempted attacks on their computer systems on Friday. These attacks have also been successfully blocked.

Czech cybersecurity observer NUKIB on Thursday predicted cyber attacks in the coming days. According to the researchers, the malware used in the attacks is designed to damage or destroy the computers of its victims. A Czech official, on condition of anonymity, said that it is not known who is behind the cyber attacks, but one thing is clear – they were organized by a “serious and advanced adversary.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday that the United States is concerned about the threat of a cyber attack against the Czech Republic’s health sector, adding that anyone involved in such activities should “expect consequences.”

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  • 9 days ago, the Czech Republic took down a Soviet monument to one of Stalin’s terrorist generals, 9 days later, the Czechs are on the receiving end of cyber attacks against airports and hospitals. Coincidence!!!

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