Media: Iran pushes Kyiv to sign memorandum of understanding on downed Ukrainian plane

Iran is pushing Ukraine to sign a document obliging relatives of the victims of the crash of the Ukraine International Airlines passenger plane over Tehran to waive the right of further litigation, reports Radio Farda.

It is noted that Iran has sent to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs a draft memorandum of understanding, according to which, the families of the victims must recognize the cause of the tragedy as “human error” and waive the right of filing lawsuits in international courts. For this, Iran is ready to pay monetary compensation to the relatives and is ready to hand over the “black boxes” to Ukraine. At the same time, Iran insists that the data from the flight recorder can be handed over to Ukraine only after it has been analyzed.

A Ukraine International Airlines plane making a regular flight from Tehran to Kyiv crashed in Iran on the morning of January 8. 176 people from seven countries were killed, including 11 Ukrainians (nine crew members and two passengers).

Three days after the catastrophe, Iran admitted that it had inadvertently shot down the plane using a cruise missile. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has taken responsibility for the incident.

In March, Ukraine’s ambassador to Canada, Andriy Shevchenko, said Iran had agreed to hand over black boxes to the Ukraine. However, the investigation into the crash has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • Ukraine don’t need the black boxes to know what happened, the Iranians admitted it, and it was done deliberately. Let’s remind the world of this statement by one of the terrorists.

    “The Iranian military did well by downing the passenger plane,” mid-ranking cleric, Norouzi said on Sunday, April 5, adding, “Contrary to the official claims, no arrests have been made concerning the downing.”

    Ukraine can’t cave in to this blackmail, it will put them on the wrong side with one of their true allies, Canada. No doubt the Russian scum will be advising the sand dwellers, and probably have the propaganda already written.

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    • I think Ukraine still needs the info from the black boxes, we can’t trust terrorists nor the Moskali. Ukraine has the right to retrieve their equipment and there should be no compromises. They shot down a fucking airplane, what possible legal stance could they have?!

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  • onlyfactsplease

    This measure clearly identifies the terrorist state of Iran as being guilty as hell for downing the plane on purpose or due to gross negligence.
    Ukraine would be foolish to sign any such agreement.
    Or, it could sign it to get the black box back and then do a Russian number and say, “What agreement? We didn’t agree to anything…”

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