Zelensky receives credentials from ambassadors of Serbia, Cuba, Kazakhstan

During the meeting, they discussed prospects for cooperation and trade.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has received credentials from Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia Aca Jovanovic, Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Natacha Díaz Aguilera, and Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan Darkhan Kaletaev.

During a meeting with Ambassador Jovanovic, Zelensky reaffirmed Ukraine’s clear position as regards the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia, and praised the consistent support by the Republic of Serbia for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, the presidential press service said on Wednesday.

To develop bilateral trade and economic cooperation, the parties agreed to intensify negotiations on the conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement and the resumption of work of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Serbian Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation. They also discussed further steps to strengthen interpersonal contacts between the two countries.

At a meeting with Ambassador of Cuba to Ukraine Natacha Díaz Aguilera, the parties discussed prospects for cooperation between the two countries, joint actions to resume political dialogue between Ukraine and Cuba, as well as interaction within the international organizations. Zelensky stressed the importance of further enhancing bilateral trade and economic cooperation, primarily in the spheres of aviation, pharmacology, medicine, as well as agriculture.

During a meeting with the newly-appointed Ambassador of Kazakhstan, the Ukrainian president congratulated Kaletaev on the beginning of diplomatic work in Ukraine. Zelensky stressed that the fight against the coronavirus pandemic should not interfere with the process of intensifying mutually beneficial relations with Kazakhstan. It is Ukraine’s important and time proven partner in Central Asia.

The president praised the organizational work carried out with Kazakhstan, which helped deliver medical supplies from China to Ukraine as soon as possible.

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  1. How Ukraine have fallen since the clown was elected. Under Poroshenko, Ukraine developed trade and economic ties with Europe, with the FTA, now Ukraine are kowtowing to shithole countries. What next, develop relations with NK and Syria?

    • I wouldn’t compare these three countries with evil regimes like Syria or North Korea. It’s about trade and partnership. Europe mainly imports cheap sunflower oil, honey and grain from Ukraine. Where are the investments? The jobs? And Europe wasted trust when approving Shitstream 2 and asking for restoring relations with Moscow. So far Ukraine can.only survive by having as many partners as possible, including Belarus – which connects Ukraine to the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia.

  2. These scum regimes are all Russian lackeys. However, I don’t blame Zel for at least going through the motions of friendship; he has little choice, since his ‘official’ friends have made it abundantly clear that they are fair weather friends only.
    Serbia is pursuing the Orbanistan business model; a type of catch-all: authoritarian and putler groveling, whilst simultaneously courting the EU and Nato.
    No putinazi lackeys should ever be trusted.

  3. Don’t read to much into this. The ambassadors presenting their creidentals is a formality.
    Of course Ukraine needs to develop any markets they can for their goods. Cuba and Serbia are totally useless to Ukraine except for agriculture. They are both neck deep in Putin’s ass.
    Kazakhstan is different. They are a good market for Ukraine agriculture and machinery. Also they are a good supplier of oil and gas.

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