Donbas in Flames


Read the latest book “Donbas in Flames. Guide to the Conflict Zone” published by Prometheus Center. This guide will be useful to journalists, researchers, war experts, diplomats and general readers seeking information on the war in Donbas.

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  1. InformNapalm have made the book Donbas in Flames available as a free download. The link is in the article. Not read it myself yet, but it should give a good insight to people unaware of the situation, and events that lead to the Russian invasion.

  2. This should be a must-read lecture for all the cowardly Poopin ass spelunkers across Europe and the orange monkey to educate them about this war (NOT a civil war for example).
    Having said that, here is a combatant casualty list from April 2014 until March 2020:
    Ukraine – 4428
    Mafiosi – 6653
    Although any Ukrainian death is one too many, this is a favorable kill-ratio for Ukraine!

    Scradje, here is the link that you requested on UAWire for the casualties:

    • Thank you facts for the this sad but important information, which I archived.
      I had always thought that a defending army can inflict serious casualties on an invader and this shows that they did indeed damage the enemy. It is crucial for them to make Donbas very, very costly for the putinazis.

      • “It is crucial for them to make Donbas very, very costly for the putinazis.”
        They will make it very costly for the mafiosi. Ukraine had to rebuild its military forces during the early phase of the war. Now, it’s a much better fighting force and has gained much experience. The costs for the thugs will only go higher.

        • By comparison, Russia lost c.15,000 of their scum army during the 9 years of Afghan occupation, so the defenders still have much to do. Especially bearing in mind that Russia, as always, used cannon fodder, including many Ukrainians, so Ukrainian losses sadly were a significant part of Soviet losses.

    • Anyone that has made minimal efoorts knows that what is happening in the Donbas is not a civil war, and that Putin is involved up to his asian eyeballs as a participant. Putin has done little but lie about Crimea and Donbas.

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