Afraid of the known Russians now see Putin as a threat not a saviour — StopFake

Russian President Vladimir PutinBy Kseniya Kirillova, for Byline Times Against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic, Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled a largely symbolic nationwide referendum on his constitutional amendments, including the ‘nullification’ of the presidential term. But Viktor Shenderovich – a Russian journalist and playwright – believes that Putin’s motive in doing this has…

Afraid of the known Russians now see Putin as a threat not a saviour — StopFake


  1. “Another blow to propaganda has been the reduction in the percentage of people trusting Russian television from 79% to 52%.”
    You know the wheels are coming off when Russians don’t believe the propaganda anymore. They might find out that ANY new president might be better than dealing with the mess Putin made.

    • Not to worry, I’m sure the Kremlin will bring out some law that says you have to believe everything we say, or you’ll be arrested as an enemy of the state.

      • Perhaps, but I think the little yellow banana clown is in trouble this time. Russians are not excited about changing the Constitution…again…to suit the limping teletubbie. Its one thing when you have 55% support and get 85% of the vote, but when you only have 35% support and get 65% of the vote, some people will be pissed.

  2. Putin was a danger when he first came out of oblivion and succeeded Yeltsin. It has taken a long time to get here, and it’s about time the Rooskis woke up.

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