What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders

Looking for examples of true leadership in a crisis? From Iceland to Taiwan and from Germany to New Zealand, women are stepping up to show the world how to manage a messy patch for our human family. Add in Finland, Iceland and Denmark, and this pandemic is revealing that women have what it takes when the heat rises in our Houses of State. Many will say these are small countries, or islands, or other exceptions. But Germany is large and leading, and the UK is an island with very different outcomes. These leaders are gifting us an attractive alternative way of wielding power. What are they teaching us?


Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, stood up early and calmly told her countrymen that this was a serious bug that would infect up to 70% of the population. “It’s serious,” she said, “take it seriously.” She did, so they did too. Testing began right from the get go. Germany jumped right over the phases of denial, anger and disingenuousness we’ve seen elsewhere. The country’s numbers are far below its European neighbours, and there are signs they may be able to start loosening restrictions relatively soon.


List of Countries with Female Leaders and Coronavirus death rates
Data from the European Centre for Disease Control as of April 12, 2020 20-FIRST

Among the first and the fastest moves was Tsai Ing-wen’s in Taiwan. Back in January, at the first sign of a new illness, she introduced 124 measures to block the spread, without having to resort to the lockdowns that have become common elsewhere. She is now sending 10 million face masks to the US and Europe. Tsai managed what CNN has called “among the world’s best” responses, keeping the epidemic under control, still reporting only six deaths.

Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand was early to lockdown and crystal clear on the maximum level of alert she was putting the country under – and why. She imposed self-isolation on people entering New Zealand astonishingly early, when there were just 6 cases in the whole country, and banned foreigners entirely from entering soon after. Clarity and decisiveness are saving New Zealand from the storm. As of mid-April they have suffered only four deaths, and where other countries talk of lifting restrictions, Ardern is adding to them, making all returning New Zealanders quarantine in designated locations for 14 days.

Iceland, under the leadership of Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, is offering free coronavirus testing to all its citizens, and will become a key case study in the true spread and fatality rates of Covid-19. Most countries have limited testing to people with active symptoms. Iceland is going whole hog. In proportion to its population the country has already screened five times as many people as South Korea has, and instituted a thorough tracking system that means they haven’t had to lockdown… or shut schools.


Sanna Marin became the world’s youngest head of state when she was elected last December in Finland. It took a millennial leader to spearhead using social media influencers as key agents in battling the coronavirus crisis. Recognising that not everyone reads the press, they are inviting influencers of any age to spread fact-based information on managing the pandemic.


Norway’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, had the innovative idea of using television to talk directly to her country’s children. She was building on the short, 3-minute press conference that Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen had held a couple of days earlier. Solberg held a dedicated press conference where no adults were allowed. She responded to kids’ questions from across the country, taking time to explain why it was OK to feel scared. The originality and obviousness of the idea takes one’s breath away. How many other simple, humane innovations would more female leadership unleash?

Generally, the empathy and care which all of these female leaders have communicated seems to come from an alternate universe than the one we have gotten used to. It’s like their arms are coming out of their videos to hold you close in a heart-felt and loving embrace. Who knew leaders could sound like this? Now we do.

Now, compare these leaders and stories with the strongmen using the crisis to accelerate a terrifying trifecta of authoritarianism: blame-“others”, capture-the-judiciary, demonize-the-journalists, and blanket their country in I-will-never-retire darkness (Trump, Bolsonaro, Obrador, Modi, Duterte, Orban, Putin, Netanyahu…).

There have been years of research timidly suggesting that women’s leadership styles might be different and beneficial. Instead, too many political organisations and companies are still working to get women to behave more like men if they want to lead or succeed. Yet these national leaders are case study sightings of the seven leadership traits men may want to learn from women.

It’s time we recognised it – and elected more of it.



  1. Are you spying on us. Me and Suzanna had a discussion some 30 minutes ago, and we came to the conclusion that women are less corrupt in their decisions than men, except for Merkel.

    Our favorites:
    Pia Kjærsgaard
    Helle Thorning Schmidt
    Maggie Thatcher
    Yulia Tymoshenko
    Pauline Hanson
    Nikki Haley

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      • Saying almost everybody will get the virus is a scandal. The border should have been closed the same day the pest emerged in China. I may keep permanent brain and lung damage forever. 😡

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        • Yes, that’s what is terrible with this virus, you’ll never recover 100% when hit hard. Hope you will be fine Mike, even if it takes some time. We live in quarantine here, we don’t take any chances!

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          • Stay safe. You are not as young and agile as myself no more. 😆 You and Alina gotta be careful. I am 44 years young, that’s why i was able to break this bat crap. 😎 And thanks to Suzanna. 💘

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              • I isolated myself completely in my room. She only brought me food, wearing a mask and gloves. I sprayed around disinfect whenever i could. No hugs, no kisses, no xxx, and only talking via phone. It worked. Now we sleep in the same bed again. 😊

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                    • My wife and I have both taken a severe financial hit as a result of the chicoms and we are doing everything we can to avoid their bat virus as we would both be at risk because of existing conditions. Strangely enough, last November or possibly December we both had a severe flu-like attack. It lasted for 5 days, went away and came back for another 5 days. I had a hacking cough and aching limbs, but hers was not so bad. The cough was unlike anything I had experienced. We had been in contact earlier with someone who had done a flight transfer in…. you guessed it; fucking Wuhan. I’ve no idea if it was a coincidence or not. In a way I hope it was the bat virus, because that means we might have developed some immunity. Fingers crossed; anxious times.

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                    • I had no cough at all. Only fever, fever, fever, headaches and pain reaching from my throat to my navel, like a cramp. I had to throw up four times in a row. My lips were wet and i lost vision in one eye, and i had circulatory trouble. Also i had a weird stink in my nose and lungs, like something rotten.

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                    • Absolutely terrifying. I can well imagine it and also imagine the zest for life you must be enjoying now. I am pleased for Boris to finally be with his chick, relaxing in the grounds of Chequers and doing some birdwatching.

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  2. The part with Merkel must be a joke! Merkel did not know what to do until all the countries around Germany began taking concrete steps to stem the virus. Even Markus Söder from Bavaria was quicker and more decisive than her. She merely copied what others did before her.

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    • How do you explain that Germany has relative few deaths compared to many other countries? And that they are taking patients from other countries that are hit hard?

      Deaths / 1 mill pop.
      Norway 26
      Germany 39
      The US 77
      Sweden 102
      Spain 386
      Italy 348

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        • I think the Germans do test a lot of people. More than other countries, so I think the effect would be the inverse.
          Yes, they may not test everyone, but they have a lot of test kits so most likely a lot more than other countries.

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            • Why should we need to be anti-German, because they started WW2? Germany is today the locomotive in the European economy, the Empire where the sun never went down is today reduced to a small island northwest of France 😉

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              • There’s a new Empire emerging. BTW, Prussia annexed parts of Denmark, and we won’t rest until we got all territory back. People in Schleswig Holstein are 100% friendly towards Denmark to this day! 😉

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                    • Stability? Like in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Belgium… We need to kick some ass. The only answer the establishment has is blame the white guys. Surely all people should be respected, but states and people who misbehave must be flushed downe the toilet. Period.

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                    • I was talking about the situation in Scandinavia, that we don’t need to make any wars because we’ve lost some parts of our countries in the past 🙂

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                    • I have norwegian ancestry. My family name is Holloway, it is not of british but norwegian origin, thus Holvik. My father was a terrible person, although a Cajun, he had a temper a million moroccans could never have. I’m the same. This world is fucked up, only the rich and strong survive. That’s why i’m a fascist. I think the soul and skills of a person should be most relevant, not roots or money. 😀

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                    • Holvik is a small place in the Western part of Norway 🙂

                      I just have to show you this one, is it someone we know behind that mask 😀

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                    • If you are a fascist, then you are the only one existing on this planet who does not worship the tiny poisoner. Why not just self-identify as a patriotic, democratic (with a small “d”) conservative? Fascism is utterly toxic.

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            • Yes but I have also explained this in another way: the media is saying: Germany has a very low fatality rate, so they are better than us (the Netherlands).

              They say: they have 10000000 infected and 5 died, while we have 100 infected and 5 died.

              They test a lot of people without symptoms, while in other countries only sick people are tested. Of course the fatality rate amongst sick people is higher than among corona patients that have no symptoms.

              They do not necessarily have better healthcare, but they test more so it only seems so.

              Regarding hating Germany: it is hard to hate a country that is culturally the closest. However, my grandad did his best teaching me to hate Germany, as he had a mailorder wife in Poland. He always drove through Germany when he visited her with his middle finger lifted up.

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      • The point is that over here. the only measure people like is closing borders. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, closing the borders is always the solution.

        In the meanwhile the U.S. did not really close the border. If you go from Wuhan to Brazil and then to Washington, there’s no quarantine and no temperature check. I called a friend in the U.S. today, and she says the border closure is a farce.

        But Fox News says the border is closed, so we should all praise his “decisive action”. In the U.S., 10.000’s people are dying. In Germany they don’t, but Trump (on paper) closed the border with a few countries, so he is doing much better than Germany.

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          • Even if Norway “closed” the border to Sweden you’re allowed to cross if you’re living inside Schengen, but then you’ve to stay 14 days in quarantine.

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          • Why does this make them safe? They still have Corona. Only the peak will be some months later. There is no escaping, only delaying. This could be a good thing though, so they can gather supplies and slow down the spread so the hospitals can deal with it.

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        • Please show us where Fox News or Trump or anyone said the borders are closed to everyone.
          Also if Trump DID close everything you would be here every day calling him a racist. That’s how petty your myopic position is, lmao…


          • I did not say closing the border is necessary a bad thing, and also, unlike CNN, I wasn’t whining about the Chinese being discriminated. But I don’t like to hail is as a great solution, as it doesn’t matter if corona comes from Washington to New York or from Saô Paulo.

            I think when there is a problem, right wing people immediately start to shout: close the borders!!!1!!1!!1!! (also in Dutch parliament), but only few of them actually propose domestic measures.

            I haven’t seen it on Fox News, it was just an estimated guess, as they always say what right wing folks like to hear.

            I just checked YouTube and the first result I opened was a news anchor applauding Trump North Korean style. She did say “only essential travel”, but repeated that the borders are closed.

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  3. Reblogged this on Liberty & Freedom and commented:
    In the United States we have one woman running for President. Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate for President. Will the American voter be smart enough to vote for her? We can only hope.


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