Creating Pysanky: The Unbelievable Art Behind Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Pysanky are considered both tradition and folk art. Creating the Ukrainian Easter eggs can take up to eight hours

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  1. Although this video is a few years old, it still demonstrates the artistic quality of Ukrainians who make Pysanky.

    • 8 hours each, if you have talent. I don’t think I could do it in 8 weeks 😉 Usually in the shops you can buy these for about a dollar each. That means the extremely gifted artists do this work for practically nothing except to share the tradition with their countrymen. Slava Ukraini~~!!
      Foccusser, did Kyiv put up the huge Pysanky eggs downtown?

      • Not sure, I didn’t hear anything. In the current situation I doubt it. My mother in law makes them the easy way. She dyes them with beetroot juice, or the juice from boiled onion skins. 😁

            • Strange, in a land where pork-eating is so popular! I had some very nice cured ham of both smoked and non-smoked varieties. You could fry that stuff with eggs as a highly acceptable substitute!
              PS : I heard from a friend of mine that there is still no daily TV briefing on chicom bat virus and as a consequence that people are not yet fully appreciating that there is a national emergency. What’s your take on that F1? I would think the lockdown is absolutely vital in poor countries such as Ukraine and Georgia that are also menaced by the fascist savages in the east.

              • The bottom line is, the Ukrainian health service is a disaster zone. Too many unscrupulous bastards running it, that’s why they removed Suprun. Six plane loads of equipment has supposedly come from China, but only 7,200 Ukrainians have been tested.

  2. Indeed, some of those Ukrainian eggs amaze me and they really are incredible works of art.

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