US President Donald Trump said he could suspend funding for the World Health Organization ( WHO).

According to him, this is due to the fact that WHO made unsuccessful decisions in the situation with coronavirus.

“ They made a mistake on many issues, it seems that they took an extremely pro-Chinese position … They did not sound the alarm in time. They probably should have started acting a few months earlier, ”he said.

Trump noted that “ WHO receives a lot of money from the United States,” and added that in connection with the current situation, he intends to “ very decisively suspend” the financing of the organization.

At the same time, he added that this is not a final decision.

“ I said that we will consider this issue,” Trump said.

Earlier, the Republican Party senator Martha Maxalli urged WHO Director-General Tedros Hebraysus to resign.

Maxalli said Gebreyesus helped China hide data on coronavirus .

Bloomberg reported that U.S. intelligence is confident that China has concealed the scale of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Recall that the coronavirus type COVID-19 was first diagnosed in China at the end of December 2019.

Since then, more than 82 thousand cases of infection have been diagnosed in the country, 3310 people have died. Currently, almost no new cases are recorded in China. Many provinces are starting to reduce restrictions and quarantine.



  • Got to back Trump on this one. The WHO is just another useless organisation.

    Interesting snippet from an article on Politico.

    “Sen. Martha McSally is calling on the World Health Organization director general to step down over what she deems his assistance in covering up China’s underreporting of the coronavirus, part of an escalating series of GOP criticisms of the organization.”

    “Earlier this week, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) called for a congressional probe into the WHO and indicated that perhaps the United States should withhold funding for “helping Communist China cover up” the ramifications of the virus. McSally agreed that “we need to look at addressing the WHO as well.” She also said U.S. debts to China “should be forgiven, as a minimum.”

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  • Prince William of Orange

    It is not that I think the WHO is flawless.

    But what a hypocrite, if there is one guy that doesn’t know how to handle a pandemic it is Trump.

    Maybe we should cut his funding too.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    There is so much incompetence in not only the WHO but in countries like Bat-Virus-Land and across Europe and the US too that one doesn’t know which way to turn to point a finger.

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  • The WHO has failed completely. While the shit was already swinging in the fan, they said it’s not a pandemic yet. When we had hundreds of bodies in Italy, they finally admitted it. It was too late…

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    • Prince William of Orange

      They did admit it earlier than that.
      Also, they urged to take certain measures, but countries did not really comply.

      The WHO can’t do much, only advice. If the countries think only about money in the short run, this happens. Countries themselves refused to take action, some countries still do.

      It was not as if the WHO did not advice to take adequate measures and to contain the virus before it was considered an pandemic. I think for it to be a pandemic it needs to be widespread everywhere in the world, and that stage was only reached when it was escalating in Italy.

      Except for Taiwan and Singapore, most countries have been downplaying it, not just China. About a week ago, Trump even said the restrictions would be lifted before Eastern.

      I think because it became clear the U.S. made mistakes, he is now trying to blame others to distract from is own mistakes. But it was him that ignored WHO advice.

      I think that the U.S. is even more fucked than Europe, as many people do not have health insurance as some Republicans did not want mandatory insurance. Also, many people that lost their jobs because of the corona crisis, will automatically lose their health insurance as well.

      Now many people will avoid treatment or won’t even admit that they are sick, because they cannot pay for their hospital bills.

      I think Trump did not necessarily do worse than all other leaders, but he is the first to start the blame game, instead of looking at his own policies.

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      • Prince William of Orange

        Btw I think it is dangerous as hell that he is undermining the WHO: countries already ignored their recommendations. If he will spread the narrative that they are some fools, countries are even less inclined to listen and take measures.

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        • The WHO was wrong the whole time and Trump was defying the WHO directives, yes. The WHO suggested no travel ban which would have been a disaster. The WHO thanked communist China (which you are apologizing for) for their transparency,. WHO was wrong, Trump was right. Here is the end of January when the WHO was thanking your communist buddies and Trump was closing the airways between the US and the infected China…

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          • And here is what your favorite president wrote late in January

            And then again in the end of March

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            • Yep, he is being criticized for listening to the WHO and not listening to the WHO. Imagine that.

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              • What are you talking about? He praised China in tweets for their good handling of the coronavirus as late as on the 27th of March! And now we shall believe that he wasn’t informed about a memo that warned about half a million people could die? You still believe in Santa?

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          • Prince William of Orange

            He wasn’t. Trump was downplaying it for much longer, and ignored multiple warnings by U.S. officials as well.

            Also, the travel bans that were implemented were weird. The UK was exempted for some reason, while the UK was one of the countries that itself was dragging its feet on measures. Before that, he banned Chinese people from coming to the U.S., but not others that came from China, so the virus could still spread.

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    • Why not put the blame where it belong? He didn’t notice a warning from “deep state” on November 2019, a memo from Navarro in January 2020. And all the talk about how early he closed the travel from China, 38 countries had already closed down before the US.

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  • He denied the vrius for weeks…………….fake news.

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