Russia Opens Criminal Probe Against Satirist Over Virus Video

A Russian satirist said Tuesday he had become the target of a criminal probe over spreading false information after he joked the coronavirus had been created in a secret Siberian lab.

“Friends, a criminal case has been opened against me over yesterday’s humorous video in which I’m mocking a conspiracy theory about the coronavirus originating in a Russian lab,” blogger Alexander Thorn said on Twitter.

Earlier in the day the Investigative Committee, which probes major cases, said a criminal case had been opened against a Twitter user for spreading false information that presents a threat to people’s life and safety.

“A user of Twitter social network posted a video in which he said that the Covid-19 had been created in the Vektor state research center after which it had deliberately been spread across Russia and China with the help of an explosion,” investigators said in a statement without identifying the target of the probe.

According to legislation hastily adopted last week, a person risks a hefty fine and up to three years in prison for harming a person’s health through spreading false information.

In a two-minute video posted on Monday, Thorn satirised a series of outlandish conspiracy theories popular in Russia — from the origin of the coronavirus to the shadow government running the world and the purported harm of vaccines.

In the parody, Thorn said the explosion of a gas cylinder at the Vektor State Virology and Biotechnology Centre in September was engineered on purpose to release the coronavirus into the air and spread it across Russia and China with the help of forest fires.

“It was an operation of the shadow world government — the Freemasons — I hope you understand,” he deadpanned.

The Vektor laboratory complex conducted secret biological weapons research in the Soviet era and stockpiles viruses ranging from Ebola to smallpox.

On Tuesday, Vektor head Rinat Maksyutov told President Vladimir Putin his lab was ready to start human trials of experimental coronavirus vaccines in June.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • Probably more truth in this one article, than the thousands of theories pumped out by the Kremlin lie machine.

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    • англійський масон

      Yep. He’s got the part about us running the World right.

      Now the word is out, you all have to my bidding.

      My first order is cure mike.

      Second order – send nudes. (Not of mike, because if you all had nudes of mike that would just be weird. You perverts.)

      I better say now, we Freemasons don’t run anything apart from the occasional raffle and you should see the chaos made of that. The American Freemasons can’t even decide Points up or Points down. (Google Freemason ring points up or down) and people still think we run the World….

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      • GFY! 😀 If there is any good in this China pest mayhem, then it is the value of life and health. Muslims would never understand, despite Corona, but the rest of the civilized world. Let people keep their villas, massage palaces and pools, it has no value compared to being alive and healthy.

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  • англійський масон

    It must be very difficult for those such as this bloke, who are trying to get the ordinary man and woman in the street to see how fucked up their Country is, and not necessarily force a change of Government, but to shame them into change.

    In this instance, I think he is taking a step too far, he is expecting people who have been used to accepting propaganda as truth for all their lives. So far as they are concerned, if it is in writing it is true. The Internet has not helped a lot of people, they see lies and believe them to be truth. There is a saying ‘A lie is round the World before the truth has its boots on’.
    In this case you can see what they are thinking, not that it is dangerous so far as we who can discern are affected, but those who believe everything they see written down, the half that believed it happened in a Lab are now convinced, having their ideas ‘confirmed’ and those in doubt are now thinking its true and telling their friends and neighbours ‘it must be true, I saw it on the Internet’.
    Any remaining are drunk or out stealing Toilets.

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  • Ironic that the putinazis, who pump out more disinformation, hate and lies than all the other shithouse regimes put together, can’t stand it when someone satirises their bullshit.
    I wish putlerstan was hit with a multi-billion dollar propaganda campaign aimed at destabilizing their regime. See how those turds like it.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    The Russian satirist doesn’t know that spreading false information is a Kremlin monopoly.

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