Spain’s prime minister says Europe needs a new Marshall plan

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has called on the EU to develop a new version of the Marshall Plan to stimulate the recovery of the European economy after the coronavirus crisis.

He wrote about it in the article in The Guardian , reports “European truth”.

“Europe is going through the deepest crisis since World War II. Our people are dying or fighting for their lives in the hospitals that have been hit by the pandemic that has been the biggest threat to our health systems since the 1918 flu,” Sanchez said.

“Europe is now at war with an enemy of a completely different kind than the wars we have avoided in the last 70 years: a war with an invisible enemy that threatens the very future of the European project,” the Spanish prime minister said.

Sanchez, whose wife, mother and father-in-law received a positive result for the virus, praised the already announced EU initiatives, but said they were still insufficient.

“Europe needs to create a military economy and start resistance and economic recovery,” he said. – “To do this, we must mobilize significant resources through a plan called the new Marshall Plan. This requires the support of all EU Member States.”

Named after the US Senator, Marshall’s plan was a plan by the US government at the end of World War II to help the European continent to help it recover from the economic, material and psychological damage caused by the war.

“The time has come to show solidarity: to create a new mechanism for guaranteeing mutual debt, to jointly purchase the necessary medical equipment, to develop a coordinated cybersecurity strategy and to develop an emergency plan to ensure the continent’s rapid and vigorous recovery,” Sanchez said.

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  • The EU and the US can make a start by banning all imports from China, they have to be punished for releasing this bat virus from their shithole country.

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    • I think we will eventually find out this wasn’t an errant virus and that it was manufactured and weaponized. Of course we need to defeat it first but you’re right Sir Focusser, China will suffer one way or another and so will it’s allies.

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      • Great mystery how this virus junped continents to arrive on Italy’s doorstep from China. I still say the Chinks are responsible, and Russia have their dirty hands all over this too. Whenever Russia launch a blitz of propaganda on a subject: ie blame the US for this virus, you know they are involved somewhere. We have seen the same pattern since 2014.

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        • No mystery F1. 300,000 chicoms work in Lombardy in the garment industry. There are direct flights to Wuhan. As with London, they flew in their thousands there for the Chinese Lunar New Year. Then they all came back and infected the fuck out of everyone. Italians were even encouraged to hug chicoms to show they weren’t racist. They followed this order to the letter, with the tragic results they have today. All the money those cheap bastards in the fashion industry saved from cheap labour all wasted and now their economy in ruins.

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        • Interesting the virus mostly loves economically strong areas such as the Rhineland, Bavaria, Northern Italy, New York, California, Florida, London… And shitholes are almost unaffected. Very weird.

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          • Just reading New Orleans now has the highest death rate in the US.

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          • Prince William of Orange

            Shitholes aren’t unaffected. There are three reasons why it seems so:
            1) The government is hiding or downplaying the problem, which the press won’t know because in shitholes there are usually few journalists.
            2) The government is unable to test, especially in Africa where health care is mostly absent. In some cases, there isn’t even a government such as in Somalia.
            3) These countries are isolated from the world economy, so there are only few cases. Also inter-country transport links are scarse, so the virus may enter the country, but won’t spread between villages and cities.

            I say it seems, because eventually all countries will get affected. It only takes longer to spread, but they will be affected, probably even harder than we are in the West.

            Btw, I am annoyed because WordPress always logs me out. And I forgot my password again, which is not the fault of WordPress but my own memory loss.

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  • It’s the Spanish way. An unproductive country, except for Catalonia, it always expects and receives a bailout for its profligacy. For once this disaster is not the government’s fault. But as always it will be someone else who pays. The PM, Pedro Sanchez, is a hard leftist, as is the president; Cristina Narbona. Since they are both inspired by Lenin, Stalin and Marx, they can go to putler for money; they have been cultivating the bastard for some while now.

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    • We can name the countries at the front of the queue when it comes to receving handouts. Italy, Spain, Greece.

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    • Prince William of Orange

      It depends. They did have a right wing government before. They have implemented budget cuts, which is why Spain isn’t in a bad shape.

      In Spain the government shifts from left to right once every now and then.
      The current prime minister is not a hard leftist, just like his party. Wikipedia calls them centre-left.
      You may probably think that because of the party name, but it derives from 1879 and since then their ideology has changed a lot.

      I do not think they went on a ridiculous spending spree.

      In fact, over the last two years, which is the term of Sanchez, the public debt even decreased at a faster rate than under the previous right wing government.

      The Spanish government has a public debt which is a bit highish, but considering the low interest rate, this is not problematic.

      Spain is by no means the sick man of Europe. I think they are mostly concerned about their neighbours, on which Spain of course highly depend. Italy, Portugal, Belgium (not a neighbour, but still f*cked) and of course Greece are all at risk of default, and they could very well suck Spain with them into the abyss if there is no recovery plan.

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      • It is a pro-putler regime. They even tried to appoint an open putler jackboot licker :
        Pedro Baños, as director of homeland security.
        Since you obtain your facts from Wikipedia you will note that Sánchez is indeed a hard leftist: ‘Sánchez ran in the 2014 PSOE primary election under what has been described as a centrist and social liberal profile, later switching to the left in his successful 2017 bid to return to the PSOE leadership in which he stood for a refoundation of social democracy in order to transition to a “post-capitalist society”, ending with “neoliberal capitalism”.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    The Europeans can use the name Marshall but they can forget any aid from us with which the name is connected with.
    For too long now, Europe has been allowing itself to be invaded by primitive peoples who mostly rely on its welfare system to live or work mundane jobs. More than enough are downright criminal. The money that these hordes are costing – and this is a significant amount – could be put to much better use for the indigenous population, particularly now, with the bat virus decimating the continent’s economy. God forbid, but if things go from bad to worse, we’ll see how forthcoming the guests will be to the hosts when the stomachs start growling with hunger.

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    • Prince William of Orange

      That is balloony. It sure costs money, but in Scandinavia, Germany, the UK, U.S. and the Netherlands, there is a lot of immigration. And these countries aren’t begging for money. They are completely fine.

      I think they especially earn money, because there is a shortage of low skilled workers.

      I know everyone here likes to express their hatred towards migrants and tries to use every occasion to do so, but this is hardly related.

      Even with immigration (I do not believe it only costs money, but just continue with this narrative), the Netherlands has a lot of immigration and a very large budget surplus. The Netherlands and Scandinavia as well spent a lot on social security, so, assuming your theory is true, it would be hit hardest by immigration.

      The Mediterranean (and the UK) countries have the least generous social security system, so even with a lot of immigration they won’t be affected as much in their pockets.

      However: only the Southern European countries are on their knees begging for money. The reason is not migration, but corruption and a lack of reforms. The government spends a lot on bullshit, like an overkill of overpaid civil servants, but not on infrastructure and things that are really beneficial to boost the economy.

      Of course we can blame migrants for it, and depending on the specific labour market situation, in some cases the effect of migration does not benefit the public finances, but by no means this is the root of the problem.

      We should blame the clowns that are in charge in countries like France, Italy and Belgium, as they refused to cut their expenses, while the rest of Europe did so.

      It is not a problem of recent years, Southern European countries had terrible governments for decades or even centuries, and Corona does not discriminate on quality of governance.

      What I don’t like is that the Western European countries seem to be able to, once again, pay for the mess our Southern neighbours made. We need reform plans for these countries, just as Ukraine got from the IMF. If you don’t want to reform, fine, but then you are not getting a dime. That should be our message, not blaming migrants for someone else’s failure.

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