Lukashenko: Ukraine should do everything possible to hold elections in Donbas

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that Ukraine should hold elections in the Donbas in order to end the conflict.

“All the leadership (of Ukraine), not only the president, who is trying to do something there (his legacy is difficult) (…) should take unpopular steps and hold these elections today in order to go take control of the border with Russia, so that it would be the Ukrainian border, these 400 km,” Lukashenko said in an interview with Mir TV channel.

He believes that after the elections, Ukraine will be able to restore territorial integrity in the Donbas.

“But it will not be easy, because the elites and the leadership of Ukraine are too divided. The president might have taken some steps, but he’s not going to be allowed, he’s going to be swept away. We need to sit down, use your head and think how to do it, so that, let’s be frank, Russia could save face, and that the massacre does not begin,” Lukashenko added.

According to him, Ukraine should decide what steps to take, because the armed conflict is taking place on its territory.

“You can blame Russia as much as you want, but if Russia makes any steps in this direction, we need to move in the direction of solving this issue. And to take this chance, until Russia has not forgotten, has not shrugged it off and is conducting a dialogue on this topic,” he stressed.

Lukashenko believes that the U.S. position should also be taken into account when discussing the Donbas issue.

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  • I give him credit that, as long as the West is reluctant to fight the russian aggressor, Russia is (militarily) in a stronger position. In particular with regard to assgivers from the EU and Donald Trump. But this does not mean that slimy lackeys like Pro Life should be allowed to take part in the process. Pro Life belongs to the trashcan of post-Soviet politics.

    Interesting Luka mentioned the US. He seems very US-friendly recently. Maybe he fears Belarus will end up like Ukraine…

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  • If Luka thinks holding elections in Donbas will result in Ukraine regaining control of the border, he’s disillusioned. Russia will never relinquish the control of that border, unless crippling sanctions are imposed. Russia’s has made no steps whatsoever to stop this conflict, all they want is capitulation of Ukraine, with Donbas having the power to veto NATO, or EU integration. If I was Luka, I would be more worried about Belarus being swallowed up by Russia, and keep out of Ukraine’s business, you never supported any UN resolution in favour of Ukraine, but supported Russia on every issue.

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  • англійський масон

    He does seem to be switching from sucking shorty’s dick to Trumpy’s.

    Anyway, to have a proper, fair election in any of the disputed / occupied areas would be extremely difficult. You’ve got interference from vatnikistan, fake residents, voters shipped in etc. intimidation by local thugs and gangsters just for a start.

    The whole thing is just a fucking nightmare.

    It is possible that should the vatnikis eventually realise they can’t afford to keep the occupied territory and it is returned, that troops have to be permanently garrisoned there until the local gangsters and ‘separatists’ die off and due to an unreliable voting system that area doesn’t get representation in the Rada.

    Even when that occurs those eligible to vote will have to be very carefully vetted.

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    • It would be a big risk to have the elections but I think it’s possible to call Moskovia’s bluff. There is no way they would allow a fair vote with real observers. If a fair vote was proposed it would be shut down and then Ukraine would have a better pretense for intervention by NATO, OSCE, PACE and the UN.
      Also, according to polls they have never had more than about 30% in occupied Donbas. Lastly, I would not put it into legislation until after a fair vote. It’s tricky and most of the patriotic Ukrainians have been forced out but I just don’t believe they would allow a fair vote.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I still think that for the time being Ukraine is better off without this sliver of land. It has been robbed of everything that has any worth, its infrastructure is worse than Ukraine or mafia land’s and many decent people have fled long time ago. It’s just too much trouble for now. Just let mafia land hang on to it for a while longer … or it on mafia land like a ball and chain.

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    • англійський масон

      My sentiments exactly, use their greed of land grabbing to bleed them dry.

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      • Prince William of Orange

        Well, I do agree in principal, but will it end the war? I do not think so. The narrative is that the separatists want to liberate all Russian speakers, and Russia is not there. They can continue fighting even if Ukraine terminates any claims on the territory.

        We shouldn’t forget that Putler wants to control the former Soviet Union at any cost. He doesn’t give a damn about the Donbas, because if he did, he wouldn’t have destroyed it. If Ukraine agrees to ditch the Donbas, Russia loses a lever of control on Kyiv, and that is what he wants.

        There is just no way of ending the war through diplomatic means. Only giving the Opposition Bloc 51% of the seats in the Rada would.
        What the political class should do is reform the country and grow the economy by 10% a year, so Ukraine can rearm. They won’t regain the Donbas, because even a country like Israel couldn’t do that for long, every time the Russian army would lose all of their men and equipment in the Donbas, they will send another batch, until all warehouses are full and until the last man is dead. They don’t care about human life, and that is the Russian army’s greatest strength.

        But once Ukraine is better equipped, they can become much more proactive. They can use drones and long range missiles to disrupt supplies to the frontline, and destroy any tanks before it gets close. The casualties would fall and the costs on Russia will increase dramatically, which will bring the inevitable collapse of the Russian empire even closer.

        Unfortunately, the political class in Kyiv have zero sense of responsibility, and they do not even even succeed in even creating a modest economic growth, despite being the country with Europe’s largest potential.

        They care more about the bribes they are getting from Kolomoisky and by stalling a land reform, which shouldn’t be even called a reform as no civilised country on earth has no land market. The Ukrainian politicians only care about their own pockets, not about the lives of young Ukrainian men and women at the front. They rather let the generation that Ukraine needs so badly to get on the right track perish in the trenches.

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  • What this puppet says carries no weight whatsoever. You can’t have legitimate elections on territory that a) is under occupation by a filthy fascist power and b) that could well be ravaged by chicom bat virus.

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