Twenty Ukrainian doctors flew to aid of Italy, – Lyashko

They will be there for 14 days

To help Italy in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic 20 Ukrainian doctors flew, they will be there for 14 days. The Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko announced this information due briefing.

If there is a normal epidemic situation upon their return to Ukraine, they will be able to undergo 14-day self-isolation, if not, they will be immediately sent to hospitals.

In Ukraine, there are already hospitals where doctors undergo self-isolation at the place of work, live in a hospital.

As we reported before, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a decree on providing humanitarian assistance to Italy in order to help it fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Ukrainian specialists will gain invaluable experience until we have the peak of incidence. And they will return when they are most needed at home. This experience cannot be replaced. In the meantime, we will move forward in COVID-19 treatment and we are going to have specialists who will study different cases of treatment in Italy,” Zelensky said.

Also, In Ukraine, as of 10:00 on April 4, 1096 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with the Covid-19 coronavirus were recorded

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  • This yet another betrayal by the government. The poorest country in Europe does not have the luxury of allowing 20 doctors to go to Italy, especially as the worst is to come in Ukraine. Also, helping a fascist country that tosses Ukrainians in prison for 20 years, on Russian evidence, deserves no help whatsoever from Ukraine.

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  • Prince William of Orange

    Well, Russia sent only spies, Ukraine sends doctors. And it is only for two weeks: Ukraine doesn’t have a major outbreak yet.

    I think it is not the worst decision, as long as they came back in time.

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  • Very well done Ukraine, i salute you!

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