Ukraine 24 Suspended As You Are Not Ashamed After Issuing About Ermak

An announcement about the temporary suspension of the release of Ianina Sokolova’s program “How embarrassing you are” on the channel “Ukraine 24” appeared after the broadcasting of the MP Geo Leros on “films of Ermak”.

The presenter wrote on Facebook .

“I have not been stopped so quickly. Yesterday the third issue of the program “You are not ashamed” was released. In it we talked about uncomfortable. Investigation of Ukrspirt. Budget cuts for culture, education, youth, sports and social payments. Inability of the authorities to deal with the coronavirus. Finally, Geo Leros turned on and told about Ermak, his methods of revenge and Deniski’s films , ”Janina Sokolova said.

The People’s Deputy Geo Leros also commented on the situation, who published the compromising videos with his brother, President of the Office of the President of Ukraine Denis Ermak.

“I have not seen such absurdity. Now it is clear to me why all the major TV channels are silent about the films of Ermak. It took me 10 minutes to get on the air as democracy ended, ”he wrote.

The broadcaster was also surprised that Savik Schuster’s program and other projects on the channel were not suspended.

“I don’t know if we’ll be on the channel in the fall. We had an open and trusting relationship, secured by the editorial agreement on non-interference , ”wrote Janina Sokolova.

She added that she and her team would create the next issue of the project and release it on YouTube.

Earlier, TV 24 suspended the production of a new author’s show Janina Sokolova and argued this: “In quarantine mode, the format of the program cannot be implemented in full: they come to her studio, citing the need for self-isolation . “


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