Germany’s largest airport will close one of two passenger terminals

Due to lack of passengers, Frankfurt Airport closes one of its two passenger terminals.

About it reports “European truth” with reference to Spiegel Online.

Terminal 2 and its parking lot will be temporarily closed next Tuesday. The airport explained the terminal’s shutdown as a critical shortage of passengers. 

“With the expected reduction in the number of return flights, the volume (passenger traffic) on the spot will be -95%,” said the spokesman for the flight.

Last year, more than 70 million passengers took advantage of Germany’s largest airport. The record for the day was 240,000. During the week of March 23-29, only 119,000 passengers were registered.

We will remind, London evening London City Airport from the evening of March 25 suspended commercial and private flights in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

In addition, from March 31, closed Orly Airport in Paris.

At the end of March, aviation in Europe dropped by 65% amid cancellation of flights and closure of airports due to the coronavirus pandemic.

(c) epravda


  • “Terminal 2 and its parking lot will be temporarily closed next Tuesday.”
    “In addition, from March 31, closed Orly Airport in Paris.”

    I can’t believe I’m reading this. Are the Germans and French retarted? This virus is sweeping the world, yet these two countries are still flying people in and out, spreading this virus even more.

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    • That has to be one of the most disgusting, inhuman posts I’ve seen. Celebrating people suffering because of China’s virus while thousands and thousands are dying and losing work….not just in the USA. You should be ashamed Veth. I should take it down but it’s probably better for people to see your retarded post……..

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      • I saw that also and thought it was so extreme that I must have misunderstood it. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt. If in fact he is gloating at the misery of sudden mass unemployment and somehow blaming Trump for the chicom bat virus, then perhaps this is not the right place for him. If he would like to explain himself or accept responsibility and apologise, then he should do so.

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      • Veth and Bert are obviously either muslims or extreme leftists. Their anti-Americanism and overproportional interest in the Middle East, in particular Syria makes me think so. Also that they almost never upvote anybody or like posts makes them suspicious. Yet Veth, other than Bert, seems to like Ukraine and invests his time to post articles here. Maybe Veth was drunk and just wrote something without really thinking about it. Fact is Trump created millions of jobs in just 3 years, while China destroyed millions of jobs in the US by exporting the bat pest.

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        • Prince William of Orange

          I do not upvote because lost my password. Usually I don’t use an account. And I think neither of us is extreme leftist or Muslim. I am a centrist, but in the U.S., everyone that is not far right is leftist, by Trumpist erroneously called Leftists.

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          • Oh. I noticed some of your comments had a dutch avatar and others didn’t. Anyway, i’m really sick and don’t want to take part in infighting. You and Veth belong here. We have no trolls challenging our comments, but at least we have you. 😉

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        • That is a very fair statement Mike, nice.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    The entire country is in an economic paralysis. I guess Merkel’s world tour to distribute German taxpayers’ money will have to be put on hold for a while.

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