Vaccine ready soon?

British cigarette giant claims it has developed a coronavirus vaccine


    • I don’t believe it’s an April fools joke, but as stated in the article it will take a lot of time before it’s ready for use. It’s a lot of projects going on that are mentioned in the article, let’s hope one or more will be successful

      “The Oslo-based CEPI is funding eight COVID-19 vaccine trials across the world. It has just received £210million in UK foreign aid money – making Britain the world’s largest donor.

      Last night, major US healthcare firm Johnson & Johnson announced that it had a potential vaccine that could be available for emergency use in early 2021.

      But it is still behind Boston-based biotech firm Moderna, funded by CEPI, which began human testing earlier this month.

      Another potential vaccine is being developed at the University of Oxford.

      Dr Saville said: ‘Normally vaccine development can take maybe ten years, maybe 20 years. What we are trying to do is reduce that to a 12-18 month time frame.’

      She said the vaccine could be available to some as soon as January.”

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