Opposition Platform – For Life will turn to Constitutional Court of Ukraine to stop sale of Ukrainian land

Opposition Platform – For Life political party statement

Ze-party in alliance with Poroshenko and the Voice party (political parties that voted for the presidential land sale law on March 31, 2020, – ed.) betrayed Ukrainian people. Contrary to the will of Ukrainian citizens, these unprincipled traders opened the sale of Ukrainian land! Neither the epidemic, nor the distressful situation of Ukrainian families, or the disaster of the domestic economy stopped the looters from the old and new authorities. Political scammers took advantage of the difficult situation in which Ukraine found itself to comply with the order of its foreign patrons. They took away its main national wealth from Ukrainian people  – the land.

It became quite obvious that the current government is a complete political bankrupt. The president and his “piano players” were not able to fulfill any of their campaign promises: restore peace, ensure the development of the economy, improve the lives of citizens. The untalented and irresponsible Ze-team have eventually destroyed the country. Instead of helping people and supporting the economy during the epidemic, they once again befooled their electorate.

There exist no mono-majority in parliament anymore – the “servants” faction is no longer able to pass laws on its own, President Zelensky no longer controls everyone he brought to the Verkhovna Rada. Having entered into a conspiracy with fragments of the Poroshenko regime, not caring a dime the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, they exchanged Ukrainian land for another loan from the IMF.

OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE declares that the vote on the land sale bill passed with massive violations of the law and the Constitution. This decision was made without consultations with the people of Ukraine and against the will of most Ukrainian citizens, the attitude of local councils and the requirements of Ukrainian farmers.

Having categorically refused to put the issue of land sale to a referendum, the government violated Art. 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine. The constitutional status of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power, was called into question.

We have no hope that Volodymyr Zelensky understands the depth of the crisis, which the country was doomed into when the law on the sale of land was adopted. It is useless to wait for the President’s veto.

The Opposition Platform – For Life will dispute the adoption of the Law opening land sale in the Constitutional Court. Following this decision of the Ze-majority, we will seek to hold a national referendum not only on the free sale of land, but also on the trust of this government. The Ze team has become the Zero team.

By all legal means, we will protect the Ukrainian land, the Ukrainian Constitution, the Ukrainian people!

(c) 112


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