Petition on reinstating Suprun as health minister gains required number of votes

The appeal was initially posted on March 23.

A petition released on the presidential website on the reinstatement of Ulana Suprun as head of the Health Ministry has gained the required number of votes, namely 25,000.

As of Monday morning, March 30, a total of 25,974 people supported the proposal.

Now Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is supposed to respond to the petition initially published on March 23.

The author, Olena Losyk, believes it’s the expert of such level that Ukraine needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now, amid a threatening challenge, we must demand that the authorities put Ulana Suprun back in the minister’s chair,” the document says.

As UNIAN reported earlier, during the meeting on September 4, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers dismissed Acting Health Minister Ulana Suprun.

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  1. We need health care professionals running the health system in Ukraine, not some get rich quick bastard, who wants to make a killing on cheap imports from China. She was fighting the rampant corruption in the health system, do the right thing and let her carry on with what she started.

    • The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, has again voted to appoint Maksym Stepanov as the country’s new health minister. Respective resolution No. 3290, which was drafted by the government, was backed by 246 Members of Parliament out of the 346 registered in the session hall on Monday, March 30. This was a second attempt to vote on Stepanov after the first vote on his appointment (resolution No. 3284) had failed earlier on March 30, having scored only 217 votes with the required minimum being 226.

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