Medvedchuk Channel urges Ukraine to follow Putin’s plan – monitoring

While current and former officials are arguing over how to save Ukraine from the coronavirus, NewsOne is simply advised to follow Putin’s plan.

Participants and talk show hosts on Medvedchuk’s group called on Ukraine’s leadership to follow Russia’s actions to combat the coronavirus epidemic. This is stated in the review of political talk shows on March 23-27, 2020 .

In particular, the hero of the talk show “Ukrainian Format” on NewsOne Vadim Rabinovich suggested to the authorities ” write off what Putin said “, though later he said that “Opposition Platform – For Life” stands for a state of emergency. This contradicts the Putin thesis, because quarantine measures in Russia are softer than those already implemented in Ukraine. Rabinowitz also praised Russia’s president for helping Italy.

Later, already on the group air, Putin’s plan was voiced by the presenter of the program Vitaliy Dikyi as an example of counteraction to the epidemic, and later another leader – Diana Panchenko – returned to this topic twice.

On the ZIK channel in the People Against talk show Oleksandr Kachny, MP from the OPZZh, offered to start trade with Russia and the occupied territories, removing sanctions from them.

Read more about discussions and manipulations in talk show studios (where not everyone was wearing masks) in Alexander Krumin’s review .



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